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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Salam Sihat to All,

I wish you in the best state of FAITH and may you find what you are seeking for. If the road is challenging than before, fret not as you are in the right track. Track to achieve of what you've been eyeing for.

God Willing

This time entry is my personal note to myself and someday my children will read this. And may they also find values in it.


I have mood swing this week. My energy drained very quick everyday as I concentrate more to overcome this ‘blues’ feeling. I’m trying to conquer but it hits harder. Some people don’t believe in ghost but I do. This is the time the ghost is taking over my body and I have this kind of gloomy emotion.

Saya pasti semua orang pernah rasa. Tambah-tambah untuk perempuan. Not only we are battling to keep the emotion (9 nafsu) balance at all time but we also every have major combat for almost every month-PMS.

To add on, the battle continues at our work place. The love hate relationship with our bosses is part of this negativity.

So what’s so BIG DEAL about it?

Yes it is a very BIG deal especially when you live in Malaysia. It gets worse than usual if you are always surrounded by your family members. In our community, it is kind of taboo to let out our feeling.

Classic example is by looking at our kind of film or dramas where it portrays the good vs bitch. Where the bitch is outspoken, ridiculous and loud and the good is the opposite of it. We have been raised to believe that’s the character when you want to be a hero at the end of story.

Commonly, we are used to box down our feeling. In whatever situation, we are learning how to calm our self first instead of confronting the issues. The one that make her mama proud is the one who can be calm, smile and hide the emotion.

Emotion is also energy. As what we learned from school, energy cannot be destroy but can be transfer.

And when the energy is too huge to keep it down and the box is overload, there goes the situation where it call ‘amygdala hijack’

What’s that?  It is when you brain and technically speaking your body been hijacked by someone else and forcing you to transfer the energy to something that out of your norm way. It may hijack you for a second or a moment or even long period. And mostly, it drives towards the negative action.

Famous example of amygdale hijack is our Kiki’s scenario. Where over a small matter (we see that as small), she turned to be a brutal lady. I am sure she was not that kind of person in her daily activities.

So, that’s why I see it is BIG deal.

How you DETOX those unwanted energy?

I am not a psychiatrist so I won’t know the expert way. What I can share is what I know and how I deal with it.

Last time, definitely the activities are shopping, window shopping, trying in and out shoes, hand bags, attire etc.

Lagi best if it is beautification activities that involves some pedicure and manicure. A little trim on my hair shall put a smile on me. Even better, massage or spa. Wow, definitely a relief and I can call it a day.

That’s detox physically. Dia mampu buat anda lega, tersenyum puas dan balik dengan senang hati BUT...

I found out the effect was temporary. Not only that, when you came to your senses, trust me it was too late.

Paling sedih dan buat pening kepala balik is when you found out that you overspend your monthly budget. So how on earth you going to survive for the next 3 weeks? Then the stress roll in again. But this time you won’t dare or should I say don’t have money to visit a spa anymore.


Here are the tips that I am currently use.


I love to talk. Given me a groups of unknown friends, I am the one who can break the ice. Last time this talk brings me to wild gossip or should I say mengumpat. You thought you are doing yourself a favour by puring out all the intense feeling inside. End up you mengumpat.

Buka lega yang dapat but dosa some more. Thought you thought you are feeling ok and thanks to the group to listen but instead you spread the dosa some more. You think they don’t go behind your back and tell the story with another version to others. It will be good if they are not. But again it goes back to my previous entry of how gossip works.

Since talking is actually hurting me more,

I am now enjoying WRITING and PUBLISHING.

This writing idea is not a mourning style of writing where you pour all you hatred and what is going wrong with your world. Chanting why everyone should treat you right and how come some people does not have a clue on how to live peacefully with others, bla bla blah (well I went overboard here ..)
I am now writing good words to myself. Instead of me who seeing it, I now PUBLISH and SHARE with others.

It doesn't matter how many people read it, how many people ignore it or how many people dislike it.

What matter most is the feeling when I publish and reread my words again. It is like giving good vibes to me. I call it wording therapy. You read good things, you share good phrases and somehow you feel good about yourself.

After practising it for quite sometimes, I notice that it works like viral. It is like a free ‘pahala’.

I mean like senang-senang dapat pahala dan pahala ini bercambah macam system pyramid.

You see, first of all, when you publish good things, you never know that out of the blue, it is going to touch someone’s heart. And when these people share it with others, it touches the other person’s heart as well. It goes on and on and on.

Thus good post never ends there. And as you keep on feeding/ posting/ sharing positive thing, you actually feed your soul with positive aura.

Taking for example, you have 160 friends in your facebook. And you'll be surprised to learn that 5 of them is actually having a bad day. Maybe 3 of them about to give up in whatever the good course he/she is doing. And possible that 1 of them is about to let go his life.

As these friends scroll along their news feed in their facebook, or surfing the net for good stuff to read, they come across picture like

And it was published by you.

Nampak biasa saja kan? Nampak macam benda yang duduk tengok, baca dan dengar hari-hari kan? Saja ja nak post sebab suka-suka.

But you’ll be awe to know that perhaps, this picture is what making them awake and continue the good course.
Perhaps, this picture has actually made them think twice not to give up. And perhaps this picture is what put them to smile on that day.
Dan mungkin hanya gambar se ‘simple’ ini yang buatkan niat dia nak berbuat jahat terbantut.

You imagine this mystery 'pahala' that you get.

Manalah tahu, bila dimana nanti kita semua akan dihisab, pahala-pahala kecil macam ni yang mampu menyelamatkan kita dari api neraka. Dan mungkin juga benda benda kecil begini yang menyenangkan permintaan kita pada Tuhan untuk dimakbulkan.

And that’s my new kind of alternative instead of mengumpat.

Maybe you should try it. Just post some simple phrases, share good things that happen to you or posting a simple inspiring picture in your facebook, whatapss group or email. 

And you will see how Good Things turn Better.

Try it for 3 weeks, you will walk differently.

Mommy is now walking in different style

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