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Saturday, 5 July 2014

CLUELESS MOMMY- every mother has this experience

At 2.24am, my eyes still wide open because of you, my son. You are battling with your running nose and nothing much I can do. Yes, I can feed you anytime but if your nose is getting in a way, tell
me what should I do?

Poor thing is that I'm also battling with my toothache. Somehow in this Ramadhan, the pain strike back. Part of it is my fault as I've been postponing to go to the dentist because of ...err...penakut dengan dentist. For my own good, it's about time I undergo that minor surgery to take out my wisdom tooth.

Anyway, back to you son. At this hour it reminds me of our comfinement time where your playtime were after 12am. Just this time, it is not your playtime but more on battling time to catch your breath. Running nose with addition of caughing is not a good combination especially for a year kid. And it is not a nice experience for the parent as well especially when you have to change your attire for more than 3 times daily. And having your baby puke all over the face was not cute at all.

In anyway, comparing my toothache and his running nose and caughing, I have to give him a credit. My agony cannot be compare to what he is suffering at this moment. My uncomfortable feeling cannot be challenge by his condition at this moment. As an adult, we can tell when we are not ok and seek for solution. Imagine the same feeling for your baby and worse is that you are clueless to respond.

To my son,  I'm sorry if my effort is not the best. I am sorry if my cuddling and rocking you back and forth is not something that you want at this moment. I am sorry if listening to my selawat is hurting your ear. I am sorry if patting on your back is making you even want to vomit. Among all I am sorry I am helpless to take away your misery.

Ya Allah, show me your mercy and forgive my wrongdoings. If this is my part of challenge, please make it easy for me. I love YOU so much that I embrace this wholeheartedly. And I love my son as well to want this period to be over, SOON. Amin

Mommy is rocking you while whining to HIM

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