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Thursday, 24 July 2014



Nama aku Hasan. Aku anak orang sederhana berjiwa besar. Aku dibesarkan dengan penuh kasih sayang. Cita-cita aku mahu menjadi kebanggaan bangsa aku.

Hari ni hari jadi aku yang pertama- 24072014

My Dear Son,

Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday Dear and you just turn 1 year old.

What a remarkable journey you have been surviving so far. I took a moment to look at all your photos especially on the day you were born. I remembered the pure pleasure of pulling you up onto my stomach and effortlessly feeding you. All the little fingers and tiny toe where I enjoy playing with it while feeding you has now become strong. Now, you easily pull my hair and laugh to see me cringe in pain. Little Rascal!  

Our 1 year journey....

Within this year, we have been calling you Mat Tayot because you cannot help to keep your tongue inside your mouth. I guess it is because of the habit of breastfeeding. Baba love to call you Cemong. It was AR Tompel’s cat in DO RE MI movie. And your Atuk love to call you ‘Kucing Parsi’ because whenever you with atuk, you act like a very manja cat. ‘Menyeser jee’.

And when we introduce your name to our friend, we proudly say. Meet Sarjan Hasan, nickname after a movie Sarjan Hasan played by P.Ramlee. Your Baba and me loves P.Ramlee movies and songs so much that it get influence in our daily life and talk. Secretly, I call Mat Tek; simply because you love breastfeeding so much. Hahahaha, you figure out how lah.

As a hard-core breastfeeding baby, you becoming so attached and manja to me. Sometimes I get agitated when you demand me so much but honestly most of the time, I am ok to be demand. After all, as you are growing, you will slowly do not need me like how you used to need me. Alamak sedih lah pulak....dah mengalir air mata ni....

Talking about your motor skill, it’s weird that you master how to stand and climb way before you can crawl. But for me, it is nothing to make big fuss of it. It is your way and as a better mommy compare to last time when I was with your sister, I am just ok with it. But we love watching you ‘mengesot laju’ like memerang laut.

And honestly sometimes, I am stress with your sleeping behaviour. From the day you were born until today, you have not yet establish a solid sleeping habit. As to that, I used to walk like a zombie in the office. Now, I am no longer a zombie as I keep to my healthy diet and supplement. It pays off.

It is too early to say about your personality but my doa and prayer is to set you in a right way. What is right? I’ve yet to explore. I don’t have any specific tools for it but I know the path is clear. Equip him well with Islam and everything else will follow accordingly at the right time.

Of course there are much more ‘minion mischief’ to come and it doesn’t matter how much I prepared, I surely will be left off guard. 

Gratitude and Prayer...

Today, I feel good with what we have achieved after this 1 year. And I feel happy and thankful that you grew up so well and healthy without much complication. By the way, we never visit any specialist so far. That’s ACE!
In overall, awak ni senang nak jaga, tak banyak ragam, nangis jee nak makan.
For this year, Pak Ngah and Mak Ngan bought you your first songkok. Baba also bought you a pair of shoes and Mommy has invested more on your health and future ka-ching $$$.
My special gift to you for today is my special doa:

“Ya Allah, jadikan anak aku Hasan ini sebaik nama yang diberi. Jadikan diri aku kuat untuk dia dan jadikan dia ini walaupun sakit atau sihat, gembira atau sedih, susah atau senang tetap sebaik nama yang diberi.
Andai dia ini ada peluang sebagai ahli syurgamu, Kau permudahkan perjalanan hidupnya mencariMu dan pengakhiran yang terbaik untuk MU”

Mommy wish her prayer being answered by HIM, Always...

heavily pregnant- 8 months and it is an election time 2013
Your 1st day!

Kiss from your darling sister. #kakya

my cheeky bam bam
enough said. just SMILE

one of the prank by your teacher @Taska Zaza Cerdik

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