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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

There's no TESTIMONY without a TEST

Among all the entries regarding the project I am in at this moment, I must say this is the most exciting and 'syok' entry I've been waiting to post.

I have choosen my words carefully and trying to convey in the best way that I can think of; it must come from my happy heart and when you read it until the end, you can actually understand why I am so thrill about it.

As per advice by my mentor- Mr.Google, let's keep it ( Remember the “4 S’s”) specific … short … sizzling … and signed. 

And I shall avoid the 4 L's- Long, lame, lazily-written, and lacking a point.

Project: Healthy is my Lifestyle
Period: The least is 2 months and counting
 -Improve your BMI reading
       -Bring a smile on you when you see yourself in the mirror
           -Restore your confidence and self-esteem
          -To make sure you walk like you own the world

The common phrases when they texted me is that they claimed that this is the fastest result they ever had and they really felt taken care of. 
And for me, I can’t believe how easy it all for them to achieve the objectives above. All I did is just sharing the inside secrets. Of course I would have never discovered any of this on my own – like everyone else, I always thought it was difficult. Well, it isn’t.
Babbling no more, below are all signed by real people; me familia and friends who has decided to join in this project.
# First RAT 001; Duration: Less than 5 months -Tikus makmal pertama. Percubaan atas diri sendiri sebelum berani mencuba ke atas orang lain. 

Owner of splendidmuslimah_store (online boutique), Duration: Less than 2 months. My first testimony received from a friend who can now fit in her old clothes. Now working her way to fit loosely in S size. The pic on the right is her in her engagement attire (dah nak masuk 4 tahun kahwin dah, minah ni)

Testimony came from a concern mother. She knows the fish oil is good for the brain and thus apply my method while preparing for her daughter's meal.

My mom, a satisfied user of VIVIX even after using it for only 2 weeks!!

Testimony from a lady who is practising a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym. She just combining it with what I proposed and the result is faster and remarkable!

She was a user and now a business partner. The difference between left picture and right was only after 2 weeks of combining the product and her Aetkin Diet (AD).

I will expect more good news coming from her. The above is only after 2 weeks of consumption the set.

A happy friend who is working hard to fit loosely in her Raya 2014 attire. 

It is satisfying feeling pasting, comments and reading all the feedback above. Honestly, I just want people to understand that the world is a happy place when you start to feel happy within yourself. The moment you don't like to see yourself and feel 'it is not you' kind of feeling, perhaps you should seek for a solution.

And the best is that it is super-affordable … but, heck, it worked so well it paid for itself the first 2 weeks. So to others out there who still searching ups and downsdon’t get ripped off again – this is a genuine bargain!

And remember

Mommy feeling good with her project

Want to know what supplements that suit you and your family?
Want to be part of our success journey?
Want to generate  4 to 5 figures income?

Call, sms and what apps!

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