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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Returning BIG favor with a SMALL result

This entry specially dedicate to my good friend who has been with me through thick hair and thin hair and back to my thick hair again.

Now that I'm wearing hijab and she always be there to upgrade my style. Without her, I most probably wearing the same 'bawal' style with no desire to improve at all. I could say; that she's the reason I see hijab in different way.

The fact is as a woman we try to find the purpose of what we do, how we wear so that it will back to the way our religion taught us. Basically ' Kalau nak buat kena ikhlas. Nak pakai tudung kena keranaNya' 

But with her, she tackled me with this stylista of wearing hijab first. We didn't talk the big topic of Hijab but more to wear it beautifully.  I guess she knew my heart well. I admitted that one of the strong reason for my 'hijrah' because wearing hijab was so in at that time. Fashionista, street wear and online boutiques were going crazy on hijab. It was phenomenon back in 2011. I was one of the hijab victim.

And today she is the owner of @splendidmuslimah_store. A promising online shop for muslimah wear. The objective for this (RTW) ready to wear is pure and simple. 'Dakwah melalui Fashion'. For me if you have Allah in your heart and business, InsyaAllah it will boom one day. I can see this promising will turn to a leading Muslimah store. Praise to AlMighty. Anyway, I am a sucker for her collection. Rare and unique. Make people ask you 'Eh beli kat mana?' whenever I put on the shawl from her store. She really got taste!

'Betul kata ustaz, mula mula buat dulu kemudian ikhlas tu menyusul.'
In the end, I'm wearing the hijab because of the pure meaning of Hijab and Woman. I owe Ummi BIG time.

And this week I returned the favor. It is a Small favor. Just turn her BIG size into SMALL. She send pictures without been asked. That showed she really proud of her achievement. For me, I am just glad that I owe her nothing. Now we are even.

Next mission is to make sure the Small become comfortable. A target that is not possible to achieve with hard word and determination. Nothing is impossible when we put HIM first and Shaklee second. #setkurusku

Salam Shaaban 2014.

Mommy and Ummi, both are crazy business woman

the pic on the left before she consulted me. the one in the right was 2 months after that. 
Macam tak nampak beza kan. Look closer at the tummy and shoulder.
More to go!

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