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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ramadhan- Faith and Dieting

Ramadhan datang lagi dan Ramadhan kali ini pasti berbeza dengan Ramadhan yang lepas. Ramadhan kali ini akan lebih mencabar kerana bukan sahaja I perlu jaga ibadah I seorang tapi juga nak memastikan ibadah keluarga I tiptop. I am a mommy for 2 kids and always a girl for 1 husband. And that's a tough call.

Aside from ibadah, I have to make sure my husband and my diet are working. It is crucial for us to see the result by the end of Ramadhan month. And not only that, for the first time I also need to make sure that the others of my 'anak-anak' are doing the right way and it is my obligation to make sure they are following the orders and see the result just before Raya time.

So let see how can I help them to help me.

To my dear friends who signed up under this project, PLEASE FOLLOW DILIGENTLY in order to make sure that you have to alter you baju raya. TO A SMALLER SIZE!!


Visualize the size that you want to achieve by the end of of puasa month and STICK IT OUT on your fridge, or on your table or anywhere that can remind you everyday. Perhaps on the microwave.

Please write this on your notes:



Please note that we tend to eat more that necessary when come to 'berbuka puasa' given the reason that we have sacrifice ourself for more than 12 hours without any sugar, calories, carbs etc. And I really understand that we live in Malaysia and the 'param' (pasar Ramadhan) can be so tempting to resist.

But I just want you to note the fact above and every time you are out there to shop for your 'berbuka' food, please do this every time you stop at one stall, before queuing for the food,

  • Boleh tak sampan target auk kalau aku beli makanan ni?
  • Aku beli ni untuk siapa?
  • Berapa orang nak makan?
  • Kalau tak habis, aku buang dalam tong sampah, berdosa tak aku?
Though it only just 4 simple questions but at least it can pause you for a while before buying without thinking. This will eliminate unnecessary food intake during Ramadhan. 

My objective is very clear, to get you in shape and you too should put your objective clearer than mine.


SAHUR Time:-

  • 2 sudu and mix it with your favourite juice, yoghurt or cordial drinks. Since we will overflow with kurma during this month, my suggested recipe is to blend it with kurma and some low fat milk.
  • Please take before your sahur meal. Kalau betul extreme nak shed that fat off, you just need this drink for your sahur.
OTHERS (Alfalfa/ Herb-Lax, Omeguard, Lecithin)-
  • Same quantity as advised but just before you already have your sahur meal. If it is just ESP/CINCH, you can take all the vitamins 10 minutes after that.
Drinks a lot of plain water during your sahur time.
And for those who really have big fat to shed off, the best is to take cereal instead of 'nasi' for your sahur meal.


  • 1 sudu and mix it with your favourite juice, yoghurt or cordial drinks. You can also try the same recipe with kurma
  • Please drink it before your other berbuka meal. 
OTHERS (Alfalfa/ Herb-Lax, Omeguard, Lecithin)
  • Same quantity as how you take during your lunch time. But for this puasa month, you take it after your done with your berbuka meal. 
NIGHT Time (Just before you go to sleep):-

OTHERS (Alfalfa/ Herb-Lax, Omeguard, Lecithin)
  • Same quantity as how you take during your dinner time. And drinks a lot of plain water.

Thus, complete 3 times daily as per the normal days.


The keys are moderation and consistent -ISTIQOMAH. Be it your ibadah or your food intake. What matter most is that you can stick to your routine until the end of Ramadhan and perhaps train yourself to sustain it even after Ramadhan month. 

Now is the best month for all your prayer been answer. Thus, please include your target as your doa and Insya Allah, He is there to reward all your effort and determination.

Till then, let us all treat this Ramadhan month as an opportunity to train ourself to live in better Iman and better lifestyle. And I welcome anyone who would like to join us to do so.

Mommy can't wait to see what's in the store for this Ramadhan 2014.

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