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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Preparation for Ramadhan Month

Ramadhan ya Ramadhan

I see Ramadhan as a month full of test to my physical and soul endurance. Like any of my exam test, before taking it, the preparation can sometimes be more than 3 months for only 2 hours seating. Ironically, for these 30 days challenges, I hardly put up with any preparation. The only thing I prepare was on the groceries and my ‘bawang merah’ and ‘bawang putih’ stock.

Mesin siap-siap, masuk dalam bekas dan simpan dalam peti sejuk’

When we compare to other ‘ibadah’ such as performing Hajj where we dedicate our self to attend several courses and spend 2 days to do the full dress rehearsal and yet we did not bother to do the same for Ramadhan. And it is a sadden act because we knew this is the month for Allah. 

The usual Ramadhan resolution is to make sure our ‘puasa’ are right and meaningful. The fasting shall be for our soul as well. For this, we always aim to perform our solat, terawih, reading Quran, and give as much as possible to earn 'pahala'.

But how many of us can sustain that aim after a week? How many of us increasing the number of rakaat for their terawih and eventually can perform 24 rakaat towards the last 10 days of Ramadhan? Have we ever finish reciting the Quran by the end of Ramadhan?

I don't know about you but my answers to all the questions above are NO. High likely due to my physical condition where usually come the 2nd week of Ramadhan, I was too tired by Maghrib time.

But a BIG change shall kick in for this 2014. I have found the aid to my problem after reading several articles posted by my colleague. They have tried it before and now sharing the good news with others. In fact I tried few times and I am impress with the result.

Sharing is caring. If anyone of you, your partner, your parents or someone you love fall under those categories below, maybe you want to think and try it.


1) Pregnant Woman- Especially for those who is suffering from morning sickness or I call it anytime sickness. One can be very weak with all this nauseas and vomiting activities. This shall lead to dehydration issue. Usually, people will advice to replace the salt and regain hydration by drinking isotonic drinks like 100 Plus. However too much of this gas drinks will do no good for tummy especially when you are pregnant.

2) Breastfeeding Mother- For breastfeeding mother, we feel more hungry and thirsty compare to others, as we need to feed the extra mouth during the day and night. In fact, I totally agree to say that fasting and breastfeeding is tougher compare being pregnant during fasting month.

It is known for breastfeeding mother to drinks at least 3litre of water in order to replenish the water that use to produce the milk. When you drink less water, you feel more hungry, more thirsty and sleepy. And constipation will be an issue. When this happen, definitely it distracts the milk production and lead to stress environment that make this entire thing worse. Thus, imagine all these difficulties during fasting month. 

3) Students and Workers- Sleepy and tired during fasting month contributes to inefficiency.  However it is not an excuse as it contradicts what fasting is all about. By showing poor performance, it reflects our self and even worse, our religion. 

4) Senior Citizen- Do you know that senior citizens are the highest visitors to the hospital during Ramadhan month. Either warded or being treated as outpatient
‘Kebanyakkan mengeluh tak dapat berpuasa sebab kesihatan tak mengizinkan’

5) Gastric- this is a common disease and excuses when it comes to Ramadhan. I am not to talk about those who fake it though it is another psychological issue that needs remedy.

However, many specialists claimed that fasting could be practice by gastric person by following the proper rules. 
'Lambatkan bersahur, cepatkan berbuka dan makan dengan sederhana'
Surprisingly, this is also how Islam taught us to practise during Ramadhan.

Basically when the body is not fit, how can you expect to perform the tip top ibadah? How can you be khusyuk during your terawih time? Can you wake up at 3pm to perform tahajjud?

All this need ENERGY and thanks to Shaklee, it has great products for it. It is HALAL, wallet friendly and most of all, it WORKS.


i- Performance Drink (orange)- It has this electrolyte element that helps to avoid dehydration. Same concept like isotonic drinks but it doesn't disrupt the sugar level in our body. It works for anybody especially 'yang bekerja di bawah panas matahari terik' And it even a good remedy if your kids down with fever and has no appetite to eat. It works like glucose thingy.

ii- Energizing Soy Protein (ESP)- It contains top class protein that our body need and also calcium. For breastfeeding mother, it helps to thicken the milk. This will make the baby full within short time. How is that so? You see, the main ingredients of human milk are protein, calcium and water. The lack of water during fasting month is replaced by protein and thus makes the milk texture thick. In addition, you won't feel that hungry during the day if you take during 'sahur' time.

Please check out info on ESP by clicking this link

iii- Meal shakes- It has 19 vitamins and minerals that our body need. Thus make it really good for those who can't really eat too much during 'sahur' time or too lazy to wake up for their ‘sahur'. And it is a good supplement for children during fasting month especially to those who just starting to get to know Ramadhan.

Mommy feeling excited for her Ramadhan 2014

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