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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Love from Mrs.V

This is my first time entry dedicate to my mama. My kids call her 'Nek Baik'

The biggest challenge is where to start?

If I start by describing her personality, I am afraid it will go more than 20 paragraphs. And if I start by giving examples on her cynical jokes, it will end up nothing as I will be busy laughing instead of typing.

Thus, let just start with her new best friend, Mrs.V.

Last 2 weeks, during my sister's wedding, I got a time to introduce her to Mrs.V. Mrs V came all the way from US and plan to stay at my mom's house for a while.

The wedding went well and 2 weeks has passed. I am extremely busy for the past weeks and totally forgot how my mom and Mrs.V get along. I'm afraid my mom just being too busy and ignore Mrs. V and thus on last Monday, I texted her to know how they are doing?

The reply was beyond my expectation. I am glad to know that she's feeling energetic than usual. And she compliment her complexion as well.

'kalau bukan kita puji, who would, right?' That's her sentence

Perhaps she got too excited with this new change and call me the next day. She asked me to do some background checking about Mrs.V.

Thus to my dearest Mama, here what I found out about Mrs.V

Mrs V well known as Vivix was born in 2008 in Shaklee Lab, USA. And she was born with the

taglne “Live 25 years longer and feel 25 years younger!” 

Many has claims her as “fountain of youth” and it contains all-natural formula of resveratrol and a proprietary phytonutrient blend.  This blend harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of rare muscadine grapes and has been shown to be 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone.

Some may wonder what is this resveratrol. Well the simplest to explain via the pic below:


With only 1 teaspoon serving per day, it has proven the below:

  • slow aging at the cellular level- 
My mom is very much particular with her pigmentation and I believe I has recommended the right product. She send me her picture and I notice the pigmentation on her cheek kind of 'pudar'. 

Basically it promotes total health in one body and if you google and search for testimonies- real life evident people consuming vivix, you won't fail to see superb life changing experience for those people who has been diagnosed with
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer
  • Neuropathy-typically causing numbness or weakness. 'Like kebas/ semut-semut'
  • Asthma 
  • Migraine
and many more.

Those are critical illnesses and yet with continuos intake of this Vivix, many has shown positive result.

But the benefit does not stop there. Most people bought this product for their parents, grandparents and their smoking husband. I've been told that it actually works for those who are seeking an aid to quit smoking. Somehow, the cigarette will taste so bad that you refuse to smoke. So to all of you who is meserable to help your partner quit this bad habit, why not try this.

'Jadi kepada isteri/ girlfriend / partner yang naik menyampah melihat pasangan anda merokok. Tolong ye jangan buang rokok dia, nanti dia marah. Buat secara halus, beli VIVIX ni. Nanti dia sendiri yang buag rokok dia'

The result and people respond on this product is too overwhelm to be share in one entry. You can Google and type 'VIVIX Shaklee+ diseases' and you may see a lot of testimony from various kind of user.  

Thus, let me just stick with what my mama has experienced with this product.

After consuming for about 2 weeks, she noticed that her complexion is improving. And her energy level is increasing. She no more has trouble to wakes up for her midnight prayer and feel less sleepy. You see, my mom tends to fall asleep while driving and we are all very concern about it.

Perhaps, at that age, you easily get tired with works. She usually has to stop aside and take power naps before continue her drive home. I believe she less feel that now.

To mama, I attached few pictures below for your easier reference. 

Till then, let us give Mrs.V some more times to work her miracle with you.

And to others, please share your concern and maybe Mrs.V is the answer for you!

Mommy loves helping your Nek Baik and others

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