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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Dear Darling,

Mommy is having a blogger’s block. It can be extremely frustrating when you sit down to write a blog post only to find yourself staring at a blank screen for what feels like hours. The worst is when you don’t have the luxury of that ‘hours’.I am clueless on how to start.

I think because my mind is too tired. I now feel that for the past 2 months, I’ve been hard to myself. Coping with daily working hours, family, traveling, onlining and iphoning.

Pardon my style today as this is the best idea of writing that I can came up- a numbering entry on what I’ve been doing. So pathetic and that’s how I feel at this moment

Number 1:

I did promise myself to post at least an entry per day. I have to keep my words in order to create habit. You know that once it becomes habit, you will find it hard to get rid of it.

That’s why I forbid you from ‘korek your taik hidung’ as to avoid a scene of lovely young lady ‘koreking’ her hidung thinking that nobody sees her.

And also I want to stop the bad habit- procrastinate.

Number 2:

Posting my status for at least 3 times per day in Facebook and Instagram. Luckily I don’t have a twitter account. But I’m sure will be advice to do so soon.
This is new way of marketing yourself online. If you are here to generate some cash, this is what it takes.
As a newbie in this online industry, I find that trying to convince a person face to face is waaayyyy to easy compare to this.
Here we talk about cracking your head in order to construct the best and yet not so 'skema ayam' (pinjam ya Hani- sentences so that people know you exist online and you are serious in what you are doing.

‘Bukan main main meh jual Shaklee, serious ok’

Some more, trying to edit your sentences for silly grammar mistakes and yet it is still happening.
For this I am sorry to all the walking dictionary out there and also to grammar guru especially my special friend Maylin.

Number 3:

Planning, reconstructing and updating my blog template.
I spend more than 3 days to change from a drop down menu to make it horizontal.
I changed more than 20 templates by downloaded and uploaded the HTML code.
Most of the time I slept at 2-3am trying to make the picture slide and insert its URL.
And when it works, I stuffed my face on the pillow and screamed happily. Afraid my son would wake up and demand to be breastfeed. Not that I don’t enjoy it but let save this story later.

Number 4:

I read, watch and write and read some more.
I read the ‘how to…’ for this blogging thingy from more than 30 bloggers.
Watching 15 videos on how to put up a like button on every of your post. Still miserably fail to do it!
Write all the codes and make sure you type it correctly in the HTML coding.
Read all the articles/ ebook/ inspirational stories that your leader shares with you. But honestly now, I feel drain than stir.

Number 5:

Texting, whatappsing and face booking to coach/ deliver the best information to those who wants to know more about the product, how I’m doing it and other kind of information related to my Shaklee.
Don't get me wrong, I love doing it but the con is that the only conversation between my husband and me is
Yes, no and ok awak sepanjang perjalanan ke office’

Number 6:

Offline promotion.
When people stop me and give the remark, "Eh nampak kurus", I have no problem explaining of what I am doing and what I consume. It is just that when I am excited, I talk a lot and that's drained me by the end of the day.

Well, I believe it all sums up why tonight at this moment. Yes I am too tired and perhaps by having 4 solid hours of sleeping will do me good.
But wait…
‘dah lama tak rasa tidur 4 jam solid. Ada anak bangun nak susu for almost every 2 and half hours’
And just for your info, I am typing while breastfeeding my son. I’m having severe pain on the left side of my neck and I cannot feel my right thigh. 

I pray and hope all this effort will bring me to ITALY. I want to say hi again to Maximus.

Big shout out to all my friends who believe in me. They bought the set and I thank you for that. I am now monitoring them by far and I am glad that most of them show improvement though it is not even a month yet!

Remind me of Pak Nil whike hosting Ceria Popstar 2.

Dah kata ada anak kecik, channel pun Ceria Pop Star , takpun High 5.
Anyway, he said to one of the contestant
‘Kalau berguru tu lebih bagus hasilnya’

What I'm doing now is based on what has been advice and experienced by my friend and they are all successful leaders. I know I can do it by myself but time is too tight for me to invent my way. Thus, it is easier to copy. Though the result is not impressive yet but I know I am in the right track. 

And I'm glad I make the change now while I am healthy, wealthy and mash bijak.
Quoted from Firdaus-

Kalau nak membaiki atap yang bocor perlu dibuat waktu siang. Takkan bila hujan dah turun baru nak baiki. Nanti habis semua basah’

you tell me, is there a person doing this during rainy season?

Mommy having blogger’s block

p/s: I’m posting this entry at 12.20am. I believe it is Allah, my will and also my ESP that helps.


Hani Suryani said...

well said..cannot b skema ayam after consume shaklee ok..hihi

Musafiddin Kamali said...

asik skema ayam je korang sebut

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