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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello June!

My dearest kids,

We are at your Nek Baik house celebrating your MekSha wedding. Alhamdulillah all the event went well besides some hiccups HERE, THERE EVERYWHERE. I was the main person to see this goes well. Bersyukur keHadrat Ilahi, semua yg datang happy!

May month was a superb month for me. The Lombok trip was really an expensive experience for 4 of us. The buddy2 managed to pull out the most happening Bachelorette getaway to your MekSha.

So remember my kid, do not cut your friends out when you get married. All this fun, gossiping, going crazy and cycling in the middle of the night around a new island, dipping in another hotel's swimming pool was totally gila. You cant have this with your spouse. That one is another special way of life.

I'm carrying the Lombok Spirit when I prepared your MekSha's wedding. I feel content and relax. Thus, what we hope for turn out as nice as you expect it to be. We had fun, colours and tears of joy during the event. Even I cried when I saw MekSha hug her sister in law and called her 'Kak'. It struck my heart that I will no longer her only sister. Ironic, it was like sad but happy feeling.

Bonus in May- My sharing on how I get back my shape by fighting with your best buddy- Mrs Fat has received quite a review. A number that I proud of. Thanks to Nadia and Mus Danial.

Last but not least, the dessert for my May month is that now I have a new buddy in crime for this Shaklee business. As a beginner, she's doing way too ok and I'm glad we are a team.

Now I'm praying that June will not disaapoint me.

Mommy feeling proud on how her Month has turned out

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