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Friday, 13 June 2014

Hard work and Believe

'Sesungguhnya rezeki itu bukan di tangan kita tapi atas ketentuanNYA. 

Benda yang sama kita belajar, di ajar tapi jarang kita mengajar hati kita. Kalau benar tertanam di hati, pasti kita tak pernah berkira dan membandingkan.'

For all these years, I always been taught that hard work pays.

However, didn't I realise that the statement almost means nothing to me as years gone by. You see, I'm working in a big company where the remuneration system was well established. 
Your pay amount and day is fix and you can predict how you can improve on the amount. (by achieving your KPI target and be outstanding). 
At good times upon approval by shareholders, you will earn a bonus. Easy said, it is all depending on the performance of the company and of course the discretion by the top management. That's the system that I familiar with when working for almost 8 years.

I kind of predict what am I going to get every month and every year. Of course you will strive hard and thus, the rewards will come later.

'Itu semua atas ketentuanNYA.'

If you are lucky and I am considering myself lucky, you sort of  know that you're going to get promoted if you play your card right. Thus for me, the hard work in a company like mine is the daily routine task and of course the usual office politics. So far, the lady luck is always with me. For that matter, I can never been thank enough.

Been introduce to this new system-Shaklee was not something that I plan on my path. Not that I know it can be a career. And even better, it pays.

I joined because I want to enjoy the cost price. However, without realising there is a small token by the end of the first month. I thought that's the rebate kind of thing when you purchase the product. As what practise in product and services market.

Coming to my second month, which was last month, I experiencing a new kind of hard work. My phone has become my best buddy in the world and I stayed up to update my blog for the benefit of others. My skill of typing on my iPhone has improve tremendously. I texted, whatappsing and face booking  I read a lot especially on the online subject. Meeting people in order to share. My objective at that time was simple. To share on how I doing it. By the way, I am under weight loss program with my #setkurusku

The result was way beyond expectation. The bonus that I earned was successfully credited in my account today and yes I again been reminded, hard works pay.

Barulah terasa yang kesungguhan kita akan dibalas setimpal dengan apa yang kita usahakan.

For that, Alhamdulillah.

And dear my kids,

Always remember that there is no greater help except from HIM. Been told and recite is totally different than  believing. The challenge among us we have to see it to believe. But how can you see it? This is part of rukun Iman, We know but how far we truly beleive it?

Mommy with her first time Bonus

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