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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Food for Brain

I was preparing the food for my son since he still consumes non solid food. I arranged it for a week because I am a working woman. Speaking of 8 to 7 working hours, you only have limited time to set the food for your kids once you reach home.

As I was on my planned leave today, I decided to try a new recipe:

First is the chicken rice with sweet pumpkin where I soaked the pumpkin with some honey before I blended all together. It tastes yummy to me and I am sure he likes it.

The second one is chicken mango pasta. My son never tries any pasta and hopefully he will like the new fusion.

For my daughter, I simply prepared her chicken spaghetti as she loves pasta so much. We were away from home for quite a days and I'm sure she no longer have any appetite for rice.

As I was cooking, I wonder what else to complete my kids’ meal. I mean, I have carbs, veggies and fruits but what else?

Then I remembered my friend Aishah Shahid in one of her FB status. I can't remember how she typed it but basically she's having difficulty to feed her son, Bani with Scott Emulsion- the famous brand for fish oil.

‘Apa yang bagus sangat pasal minyak ikan ni?’
I mean, Scott Emulsion has been long enough to survive with only 2 flavours. On the whole, every one of us had taste this oil during our growing up time. This stuff must be good, right? So I do what I do best ever since I became a mommy. I goggled.

Apparently there are a lot of articles regarding ‘minyak ikan’/ fish oil/ Omega that can sum up to be as FOOD FOR THE BRAIN. As this entry for my kids, thus I share with you what's good for children. And you may start as early as possible with your children; and be patience to see the result.

1) It boost the brain by keeping you arteries clears. It also alter your neurotransmitter to help with depression issue.
‘Secara keseluruhannya, dia mempercepatkan sel sel otak berhubung’.
No wonder ramai orang Pantai Timur pandai pandai.
During my TKC time, most of excellent student came from either Terengganu or Kelantan. I guess they ate a lot of fish. Sokmo kapok lekor deh!

2) It also helps to increase children immunisation especially those who has asthma and easily fall sick.

'Ha ni elok untuk sesiapa yang selalu anak anak dia kejap demam kejap elok, kejap batuk kejap tidak'

Instead of feeding them with pharmaceutical drugs, over the counter medicine, why not try giving your child some or  a lot of fish oil.

3) It also do good to a hyperactive kid. I'm trying to achieve this with my first daughter.

'Bila dah slow sikit aktiviti dia, senang nak ajar'

She won't get tired unnecessary and more focus on the given task. Don't you have this kind of problem? Well, let's experiment together.

Back to my kids' menu, as a smart mommy, I just took 2 capsules of my Omegaguard- Shaklee, cut out the cap and squeezed the oil on top of every meal that I prepared for them. Maybe some cannot tolerate the smell but it wash out when you mix together with the meal. ‘Kacau sampai hilang bau’
It is simple and I am satisfied that I am giving the best for my children. I’m going to make it as a habit to see the result.

Why Shaklee? Enough said as a Goggled mommy, I did the research and their fish oil stands TOP.

Should I say more? WHAT!

To my dearest,

Hopefully you can read before just when you turn 4 years old. Thus prove the scientist right. And also make my money to buy this omega worth it! Mahal tau!

Mommy and her fish oil

L to R: chicken spaghetti, mango chicken pasta and chicken rice with pumpkin and OF COURSE A SQUEEZE OF FISH OIL ON TOP!

1) Cut the tip of the cap; 2) Squeeze it 3) Stir to mix it

p/s: what's good for your children will makes you happy. ask me how to make you happy by making your kids happy. 

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