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Monday, 23 June 2014


I have lost 5kgs since 16th February 2014. It has been 4 months battling with my lemak tepu and Alhamdulillah this 'lemak tepu' start to melt and I am now in the process to wash it out from my body. I can say that I am now an M size and still working to fit to a smaller size.

At the same time, I'm sharing the method and the product I consume with my dear friends and most common questions that I encounter;

Does it really works?
How does it works?
I bought the same thing as yours, how come it does not shows any progress
First and foremost, let's get it right from the start. Any set suggested by your independent distributor do not meant to cure. Taking example of any milk booster sell in the market where you need to understand the concept of breastfeeding before it can works.

Check out my entry here:

Below are the simplest concept through my experience, knowledge and observation and I sum up to 4 rightful concepts as below:

Right Concept number 1- Watch your DIET

If you reluctant to give up your eating habit and expect this suggested set can do miracle to your body, then forget it. If your will to loose weight and shed off that fat is not that strong, regret to say that you will stick with your habit of 'makan banyak'.

Simple rule of any kind of slimming program; control your food intake.

So how can this suggested set helps?
When you do it naturally,  you tends to give up because you can't stand the feeling of hungry. Thus, the protein suggested in the set can actually make you feel full and thus help to reduce your food intake.

The best thing is that it doesn't cut out your lifestyle but improving and teach you how to be moderate with your food.

Right Concept number 2- BURN the Calories

Example: Your daily calories is 3000kj. So how can you loose weight and shaping?

Simple, you need to make sure your calorie intake is LESS than 3000kj. How you do that?

(a) Consume less
(b) Exercise

You can choose either one but it is best to do both in order to see fast result.

I see some of my friends taking this set and combine it Aetkin Diets (AD) and it shows fast result because is apply this concept through method (a). Few of them are taking Zumba classes and they are happy with their progress when applying together with the set. They toned up faster and healthier. They use method (b).

You know what you want, thus CHOOSE!

Right Concept number 3- Plain water

Drink a lot of plain water!

Water is essential to our body and it even crucial when you want to loose weight, taking vitamins and for detox process.

Please be AWARE, when you are taking supplements specifically refer to the set suggested, your body will experience changes- HEALING CRISIS for maybe 2-3 weeks depending on the body. Some people will experience 'panas', pimple breakouts and many more.

In order to make it go away faster, please drinks a LOT of water. It will surely go away and you will feel better after the crisis and happily enjoy the result.

Right Concept number 4- ISTIQAMAH and PRAY

After knowing the right concept, applying the dos and the don'ts,

 and everything you've been consulted, please apply the last concept.

It is all His doing and when we do it right, God Willing, there will be positive result.

My personal advice, don't over do it. Give yourself a break SOMETIMES (only) and enjoy life especially when we are in Malaysia where food get us together.

Last but not least, the suggested set is NOT Fat Burner where you can see the result after 3 days. These are vitamins and minerals that helps to do away with your fat, correct your metabolism, improve your muscle and detox unnecessary thing in your body. By consuming these, you will also benefits other result.

And if you are asking me the below.

'Ada tak supplement yang makan tapi kami tak payah control makan. Kalau boleh nak tengok hasil dalam 5 hari. Ada tak?'
My answer will be
'Ada, kalau tak salah depa panggil LSD. Ice atau batu pun camtu jugak, Ha tu dalam masa 5 hari dah boleh tengok hang kuruih. Hang makan pi apa pun hang amik tu, pasti kuruih. Aku takdak contact sebab aku tak kenai mana mana tokan.' 

Till then,

Mommy and her notes

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