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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Breastfeeding- Get it right from the first

Dear Mommies and Mother to be out there,

I am also a mommy and exclusively breastfeeding my son until today. He’s now 1 year old and my target to do so until he turns 2 or more.

I am a working mommy and until today my output is 8-9oz per session. And due to this overwhelming production, I am proudly to say that I have more than 5 'anak susuan'. This is a gift from Him and I never can thank Him enough. And I always believe that miracle happen for those who seek. For this, I believe that what He gave me is the result of my effort.

I failed the first round with my daughter. After 11 months, I gave up due to the same common reason that most of mommy out there said:

'Susu tak cukup dan makin kurang'

The answer, knowledge, help and concept came to me quite late. Thus for my 2nd one, I’ve prepared mentally and physically. And the result has proven.

Now that I see a lot of my friends are at the stage of either pregnant or waiting their bundle of joy soon. And I feel it is not right if I don’ to share this common mistake which I did last time and the right way which I am applying now.

I encourage you to read until the end as you might find that you are doing it wrong and at least I know that my humble entry here help you to understand better.
Common indicator use
  • factory- refer to the activities inside your breast that is doing to produce the milk
  • tank- your breast
  • pump- the pumping your milk out using either manual or electric pump
1) The CONCEPT of Demand and Supply
Milk supply can be generating when the body understand that there is a demand. So, the more you feed your baby, the more your milk factory will produce the milk.

If you feel/ think that your milk production (supply) is decreasing, you just need to breastfeed your baby more. And if the baby has enough of it, pump it our dear. Empty the tank so that the factory knows that it has to be filling up.

That's why you often hear people advice to do power pumping as one way to boost the milk production. Power pumping is applying the concept of Demand and Supply. It wants to send the right signal to the body- a signal to produce the milk more than usual.

So I suggest if you want to have a good supply even after your confinement time, please empty the tank regularly. We are talking like every 2 -3 hours. You can either feeding your baby directly or pumping or BOTH. These are also a way to avoid breast engorgement.

For those who are now in confinement period, please breastfeed your little as often as you can especially during 12am to 4am. This is the time the factory at its top performance. And that's why most babies like to wake up at this odd time.
'Kejadian Allah itu indah, bukan saja-saja baby bangun masa yang patut semua tidur'

Misconception: If you empty it then there is no more left.

Concept: It works like your toilet flush where the water will automatically refill once you flush. Same goes to your milk factory.

2) The CONCEPT of Regularity

The 1st month reflected during the confinement time, where your baby demands to be feed regularly. You will see that when the 2 hours is up, the milk will flow out by its own. Even you will notice that you always with wet maternity bra, correct or not?

At that time, we hardly worry about supply because it is more than enough. The common respond when we’ve been asked about our milk production.

'Susu banyak, siap perah simpan lagi'
'Susu ada memang tak payah risau'

During the 2nd month, the gaps become more than 2 hours as the baby already establish their routine. Our little one sleep longer hours and we, mommy takes this advantage to rest. We forget to empty the tank. By doing so, what we don't know is that our body pick up the signal that the demand is no longer like before. The factory that uses to produce every 2 hours now has become every 4 hours.

Then come to working months’ time, the gap to empty the tank become wider. From 4 hours to 6 hours.  It goes on and on until we notice that our milk production not as before. Last time when you pump at 12pm, you easily get 6oz and why is it now you only get 4oz.

'Oh macam mana ni, nanti anak aku tak cukup susu'

Misconception: Milk production decrease after confinement because it is not my luck.
Untunglah dia, susu banyak!

Concept: Establish the timing, STICK to IT and  DO IT REGULARLY.

And what’s next? Panic attack and here come the moment to look for milk booster.


Usually we heard common whining or disappointment coming from a mother regarding their supply. And when they seek for milk booster, these are the frequent question:
After taking this, when can I expect my milk production to boost?

Is it like I have to wait 4 to 5 hours or tomorrow?
How come it is the same production even after taking this milk booster? Is it not working with me?

Even worse when the respond from your colleague or friends to try this’lah’ that’lah’as it worked for them. Without realizing that you are not following the above concept, you are wasting your time and money in order to increase your supply

So, what is wrong with milk booster?
Nothing and it works as what it claimed it to be.
So, what's wrong as I still produce the same amount or even worse?
It is you who probably not fully understand the concept of breastfeeding.

Misconception: Buy the MILK BOOSTER and it will works wonders

Concept: Milk booster only works when you work.
Please understand that is not like Panadol Active Fast where it can take away your pain after 30 minutes.
That's the 3 concepts that I sum up based on various knowledge and experiences. I am not a lactation consultant but I am sure they will agree with me because those are among the advices I get from them.

Thus, it is a MUST for you to understand and follow the above concept before any milk booster can work. In fact you do not need any if you do it correctly and take care of your daily diet.

After all the above, I am thankful that I found this Set Penyusuan Shaklee. So what actually it does?
First of all, it DOES NOT increase milk production DIRECTLY. What it does is that

1) It boosts up my ENERGY so that I keep fit for my baby. It gives energy to recover after the routine of breastfeed and pumping. Do you know the body burn at least 300-500 calories per day by only breastfeeding? Thus I have to make sure I consume it in order to stay healthy and be in a tip TOP condition to cope up with my crazy daily activities.

2) It supplies me with all the vitamins and minerals that the body need and the best thing it also goes to my baby. I eat healthy thing and thus my baby will have the same. That's why I need supplement as I have to share it with my son. All the good thing goes in will be good things put for him.

The other effect that I am experiencing is that:

1) I am less fatigued even with all my tight schedules and breastfeeding some more.

2) I hardly have fever, flu, coughing etc. Alhamdulillah. You know it is bad when your child fall sick, but it is worse when the mommy fall sick too, right?

3) I always in a good mood. I feel happy and my complexion is improving tremendously. I am thinking to drop my expensive skincare soon.

Best among all, it is the side effect of this set where INDIRECTLY your milk production IMPROVING! I’m talking about in term of texture and amount. I'm seeing as the Happy effect. When the mommy happy, the baby happy. When you happy, your milk production also happy. Happy people bring happy lifestyle. Happy happy happy!!!

So friends, before you decide to pay for any milk booster, think of the concept first. And find the best milk booster that actually proven right.

I have found mine and I can guide my best to help you. With the right guidance which I am willing to help, you will see the positive result.

Feel free to drop any comments as sharing is caring.

Mommy is still pumping 9oz for every session for almost a year and counting:

My series of production during office hour. 
Office freezer

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