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Monday, 9 June 2014

Agent Burner- My Fat and Lecithin

This time entry is kind of fact and fun. This is one of the entry regarding one of item from #setkurusku where I named it as agents and the cast are:

  1. AGENT Protein- All for One and One for All
  2. AGENT Booster- Anything you consume, I multiply the effect
  3. AGENT Detox- Without me you are nothing
  4. AGENT Burner- Burn the FAT baby! 

'Ini terpengaruh dengan The Band' and hopefully my friend find this entry 'Juicy' to read. If you don't know what language I am using, please ignore it. Or just google image this 'The Band+Juicy' and you will come across this- read until last and you will find out

This time entry is specially dedicate for Agent Burner or well known as Lecithin

What is Lecithin?

It is soy-based product and cholesterol free.
To know more, please google as the details might bored you if I list down here

How is it work?
Lecithin well known for its natural emulsifier as it has this kind of 'sticky' when mix together with oil/fat. Basically, it makes the fat separate from the blood.  And thus avoid it from sticking underneath your skin. If not, your size can easily move from L to XL especially as you age further....

The simplest explanation is that 'berkesan untuk pecah lemak'.

I know the above explanation might sounds complicated and thus I simplify it via my video.

Pardon my explanation in the video but basically I want to show how Lecithin react with oil and water.

'Molekul minyak terurai dengan lebih mudah bila dicampur Lecithin, Ini menunjukkan bagaimana senang minyak/ lemak akan disingkirkan dari badan dengan Lecithin'

You can view my experiment with Lecithin and have a laugh at me by just clicking the play button below. And I appreciate comment. Thank You

Why we have to take it?
  • Because our body really need it and regret to say, the body cannot build it on its own.
What is it good for?
  • Absolutely everything!
  • One of the function is to BURN the FAT, baby. Burn it HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE!
Who should benefit from it?
  • YOU who wants, are and will be on dieting program. Like the tagline 'DIET START TOMORROW'. With Lecithin, you can start now!
  • YOU who wants to have your HOT shape back. The shape that you used look at and admire. Unlike now when you look away to see your image in the mirror.
  • YOU who is now uncomfortable when walking. Don't tell me you are running or else you won't have this miserable feeling. Yes YOU with the 'peha berselisih one'
  • YOU who want to tone up because skinny is out-dated! 
  • YOU who is doing workout and want to speed up the result!
  • YOU who is suffering with liver problem
  • YOU wo wants to increase your body immunisation
  • And YOU and Yes YOU who is looking to have healthier life than below.
Is it safe to consume?
  • Of course as it is natural to that extend 'selamat digunakan untuk perempuan yang menyusukan anak'. 

Please note that there are variety of FAT BURNER out there but we can't be very sure whether it is safe for both-mommy and baby especially when you are breastfeeding. Thus, be selective and invest in good, well known product.

Like this 'lah' my friend, let me make it easier for you. Yes YOU who are among the bullet point above.

You don't have to go and google about what is the best Lecithin that available in the market. You don't have to drive to nearby pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it. You don't have to crack your head reading to find the best Lecithin product.

I just want to cut your chase short. I went through all that. I am now 'pengguna tegar' because I already found the best and the bestest (if word can describe more than the best) is this.

Say no more and ask me.

Mommy with her Agent Burner- #setkurusshaklee

p/s:- It is Agent Burner and it can burn FAT but never this One Juicy from The Band!. Uweeekkk. This one,  Agent Aznil, Agent Shafinaz and Agent Yusry yang salah

BURN baby BURN!! Uweekkk


Hani Suryani said...

Of my JUICY!!!!
Best kak tasnim..rasa mcm seronok je tgk minyak2 tu pecah..patut rasa kurus..hahaha

NimboKing said...

Hahaha, betul betul, let's work our way to slim for Raya

kumikoyumi13 said...

ni yg jeles ni..

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