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Saturday, 28 June 2014

A COMPLAINT letter to my Kids

Have you ever Google these kinds of topics below?

Children tantrum
Why children do not listen
How to deal with temper tantrums in toodlers/children

Well I did because most of the time the help is far beyond than saying 'Astargfirullah'

The tips given by Mr.Google help BUT only a bit and usually it came too late. Let’s face the fact that we usually google when we encounter the problem, right?

All the tips and ‘petua’ can only help you to be better parents next time. Unfortunately it hardly be the same scene. So both parents and kids are learning to get together.

So tell me in a simple way how you deal with this? Please, I would like to know because at this moment, this is what I do. I am writing a complaint letter to them.

So hear me my darlings, yes you daughter and you my son!!

This is the phase that you kids are testing our patience. Trust me, you went too far sometimes. Often, I feel like to hang both of you on the ceiling. Luckily I have my B-complex- as believe to relax your stress muscle. Paling-paling teruk pun, I will lock myself in the room and cry for 10 minutes.

And reasoning with both of you at this age is like what the old folks always say:

Macam ayam dan itik.

Seriously, both of you are draining our energy, test our patience and bravo to you; you kids are playing this game too well as a team. You make us-me and your Baba look so pathetic like Spain team during their world cup game in 2014.

And I really hate the game ‘who can screamed the most’. I mean give me a breaklah, you scream, your brother scream and I hold myself to scream because I know I am not in a scary movie. Sometimes, you guys scared me with your voices and in fact almost put me to deaf. All you need to do is ask politely that you need your lychee drink in your bottle.

And you my son; please don’t kill yourself. Don't you know that you stumbled more than 10th times from the staircase? And we just moved in for not more than 6 months. And you are not even 1 year old. You are cunning because if I complaint, I am the one to be blame. I should know that I must put in place the accident management act in my house.
Letak palang
Seal the corner etc etc.

But this is our house and you came in late, so shouldn’t you the one who need to follow our rules? Avoid the staircase and toilet is not your playroom. What so difficult about it?

And to my daughter, this is the time you learn manners young lady. It is not good to slap your brother's head or scream at me. I can hear you and when we said NO, it means NO. And if we said, 'Tak ada', we didn't lie. And we cannot go out at 12.30am just to buy you a yellow watch. Absurd!

Now let’s talk about our TV. For your info, it took us 2 years to settle our TV installment and we really enjoy watching various kinds of programs that ASTRO offer. After all, we paid full package for it. And now what we get?

Ceria channel full of Upin and Ipin and High 5. And I hate your ‘Timmy program’. All the characters do not have a script. They only make the animal sounds. After all, the show is full of animals. Cheh!!

And same case goes to our Internet plan. It hardly last a month nowadays. And my ‘You Tube’ history are filled with school nursery rhymes, Let it Go song from Frozen and of course Upin Ipin 2014. At the age of 3, you know how to unlick my phone, slides till you find the ‘YouTube’ icon and click on your history. Luckily, you don’t know how to type, or do you? The fact you don't pay for what you use irritate me.

And please remember, our car is not your kitchen. It is not the place where you eat your chocolate cake and use the seat cover to wipe it. And the house is not your drawing gallery. Please pen down your creativity at the right place and not on my wall. COMPRENDE!

But today as I wrote this entry, I am thinking that the biggest part of your challenging behavior is my fault. I am the kind of mother who wants the best for her kids. And thus I seek to give the best. Their school, their syllabus and of course their food. In addition, since I am now in health and wellness business, I’ve become more conscious on what things to give to my babies.
Recently, I’ve been feeding them this fish oil call Omega and things have gone out of norm. I’ve seen a lot of changes from both of them and if I sit down and think rationally, I note that it all positives changes.

They become annoying when asking questions because they want to know more. They scream because they want their opinion to be heard. They climb, stumble and fall because the instincts to try something new are strong. Basically, they move, test your temper and upset you because their brains cells are connecting. 

And last and of course not the least, I just want my kids to know that in my heart; the most important thing for me is to be with you kids. And when my old, tired legs don’t let me move as quickly as before, please lend me your hand the same way that I offered mine to you. When those days come, just be with me

Mommy love my darlings till Jannah, InsyaAllah

Me daughter with her so-called iPHONE

My son eating at Mamak and he's not even 1 year old.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omgggg...u wrote a complaint letter while we are having a business photoshoot yesterday??? what a ....hahahhahaa...but u know what...thank for writing this as I can copy and paste and past to my son..this is really true n what I felt also towards him...n whatever it is..he is our life love that fish oil so much..muah3. .

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