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Sunday, 29 June 2014

RAMADHAN-Amalan yang terLUPA

Alhamdulillah, hujan di hari pertama Ramadhan. Nampak gayanya, perjalanan pertama Ramadhan sangat superb! saya jenis yang percaya kalau permulaan itu nampak baik, lancar dan tidak banyak kenkangan, InsyaAllah begitulah seterusnya hingga ke akhir. Sebab itu saya akan pastikan cara sambutan Tahun Baru saya perlu bermakna sebagaimana saya mahu tahun itu untuk saya.

Untungnya saya dan keluarga hari ni. Tadi sahur di rumah mertua ni pula dalam perjalanan ke rumah mama dan papa nak berbuka puasa. Mungkin ini nikmat kurnia Ramadhan kali ini. Mak Ayah dokek amek. (dekat sungguh)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

A COMPLAINT letter to my Kids

Have you ever Google these kinds of topics below?

Children tantrum
Why children do not listen
How to deal with temper tantrums in toodlers/children

Well I did because most of the time the help is far beyond than saying 'Astargfirullah'

The tips given by Mr.Google help BUT only a bit and usually it came too late. Let’s face the fact that we usually google when we encounter the problem, right?

All the tips and ‘petua’ can only help you to be better parents next time. Unfortunately it hardly be the same scene. So both parents and kids are learning to get together.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

There's no TESTIMONY without a TEST

Among all the entries regarding the project I am in at this moment, I must say this is the most exciting and 'syok' entry I've been waiting to post.

I have choosen my words carefully and trying to convey in the best way that I can think of; it must come from my happy heart and when you read it until the end, you can actually understand why I am so thrill about it.

As per advice by my mentor- Mr.Google, let's keep it ( Remember the “4 S’s”) specific … short … sizzling … and signed. 

And I shall avoid the 4 L's- Long, lame, lazily-written, and lacking a point.

Project: Healthy is my Lifestyle
Period: The least is 2 months and counting
 -Improve your BMI reading
       -Bring a smile on you when you see yourself in the mirror
           -Restore your confidence and self-esteem
          -To make sure you walk like you own the world

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ramadhan- Faith and Dieting

Ramadhan datang lagi dan Ramadhan kali ini pasti berbeza dengan Ramadhan yang lepas. Ramadhan kali ini akan lebih mencabar kerana bukan sahaja I perlu jaga ibadah I seorang tapi juga nak memastikan ibadah keluarga I tiptop. I am a mommy for 2 kids and always a girl for 1 husband. And that's a tough call.

Aside from ibadah, I have to make sure my husband and my diet are working. It is crucial for us to see the result by the end of Ramadhan month. And not only that, for the first time I also need to make sure that the others of my 'anak-anak' are doing the right way and it is my obligation to make sure they are following the orders and see the result just before Raya time.

So let see how can I help them to help me.

To my dear friends who signed up under this project, PLEASE FOLLOW DILIGENTLY in order to make sure that you have to alter you baju raya. TO A SMALLER SIZE!!

Monday, 23 June 2014


I have lost 5kgs since 16th February 2014. It has been 4 months battling with my lemak tepu and Alhamdulillah this 'lemak tepu' start to melt and I am now in the process to wash it out from my body. I can say that I am now an M size and still working to fit to a smaller size.

At the same time, I'm sharing the method and the product I consume with my dear friends and most common questions that I encounter;

Does it really works?
How does it works?
I bought the same thing as yours, how come it does not shows any progress
First and foremost, let's get it right from the start. Any set suggested by your independent distributor do not meant to cure. Taking example of any milk booster sell in the market where you need to understand the concept of breastfeeding before it can works.

Check out my entry here:

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Preparation for Ramadhan Month

Ramadhan ya Ramadhan

I see Ramadhan as a month full of test to my physical and soul endurance. Like any of my exam test, before taking it, the preparation can sometimes be more than 3 months for only 2 hours seating. Ironically, for these 30 days challenges, I hardly put up with any preparation. The only thing I prepare was on the groceries and my ‘bawang merah’ and ‘bawang putih’ stock.

Mesin siap-siap, masuk dalam bekas dan simpan dalam peti sejuk’

Friday, 20 June 2014

Info dan Fakta ESP

Shaklee merupakan syarikat pertama yang mencipta makanan tambahan protein berasaskan kacang soya. Pelbagai ujian klinikal yang sangat ekstensif dan komprehensif telah dilakukan bagi memastikan Energizing Soy Protein atau lebih dikenali sebagai ESP ini memiliki kualiti yang tinggi berbanding produk estrak protein yang lain di pasaran. Ternyata, segala usaha ini berjaya memjadikan ESP dari Shaklee ini diiktiraf dunia. Ini juga turut dibuktikan dengan hasil jualan ESP dimana ia antara produk Shaklee yang terlaris terutama pada pengguna di Malaysia.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Breastfeeding- Get it right from the first

Dear Mommies and Mother to be out there,

I am also a mommy and exclusively breastfeeding my son until today. He’s now 1 year old and my target to do so until he turns 2 or more.

I am a working mommy and until today my output is 8-9oz per session. And due to this overwhelming production, I am proudly to say that I have more than 5 'anak susuan'. This is a gift from Him and I never can thank Him enough. And I always believe that miracle happen for those who seek. For this, I believe that what He gave me is the result of my effort.

I failed the first round with my daughter. After 11 months, I gave up due to the same common reason that most of mommy out there said:

'Susu tak cukup dan makin kurang'

The answer, knowledge, help and concept came to me quite late. Thus for my 2nd one, I’ve prepared mentally and physically. And the result has proven.

Now that I see a lot of my friends are at the stage of either pregnant or waiting their bundle of joy soon. And I feel it is not right if I don’ to share this common mistake which I did last time and the right way which I am applying now.

I encourage you to read until the end as you might find that you are doing it wrong and at least I know that my humble entry here help you to understand better.
Common indicator use
  • factory- refer to the activities inside your breast that is doing to produce the milk
  • tank- your breast
  • pump- the pumping your milk out using either manual or electric pump
1) The CONCEPT of Demand and Supply
Milk supply can be generating when the body understand that there is a demand. So, the more you feed your baby, the more your milk factory will produce the milk.

If you feel/ think that your milk production (supply) is decreasing, you just need to breastfeed your baby more. And if the baby has enough of it, pump it our dear. Empty the tank so that the factory knows that it has to be filling up.

That's why you often hear people advice to do power pumping as one way to boost the milk production. Power pumping is applying the concept of Demand and Supply. It wants to send the right signal to the body- a signal to produce the milk more than usual.

So I suggest if you want to have a good supply even after your confinement time, please empty the tank regularly. We are talking like every 2 -3 hours. You can either feeding your baby directly or pumping or BOTH. These are also a way to avoid breast engorgement.

For those who are now in confinement period, please breastfeed your little as often as you can especially during 12am to 4am. This is the time the factory at its top performance. And that's why most babies like to wake up at this odd time.
'Kejadian Allah itu indah, bukan saja-saja baby bangun masa yang patut semua tidur'

Misconception: If you empty it then there is no more left.

Concept: It works like your toilet flush where the water will automatically refill once you flush. Same goes to your milk factory.

2) The CONCEPT of Regularity

The 1st month reflected during the confinement time, where your baby demands to be feed regularly. You will see that when the 2 hours is up, the milk will flow out by its own. Even you will notice that you always with wet maternity bra, correct or not?

At that time, we hardly worry about supply because it is more than enough. The common respond when we’ve been asked about our milk production.

'Susu banyak, siap perah simpan lagi'
'Susu ada memang tak payah risau'

During the 2nd month, the gaps become more than 2 hours as the baby already establish their routine. Our little one sleep longer hours and we, mommy takes this advantage to rest. We forget to empty the tank. By doing so, what we don't know is that our body pick up the signal that the demand is no longer like before. The factory that uses to produce every 2 hours now has become every 4 hours.

Then come to working months’ time, the gap to empty the tank become wider. From 4 hours to 6 hours.  It goes on and on until we notice that our milk production not as before. Last time when you pump at 12pm, you easily get 6oz and why is it now you only get 4oz.

'Oh macam mana ni, nanti anak aku tak cukup susu'

Misconception: Milk production decrease after confinement because it is not my luck.
Untunglah dia, susu banyak!

Concept: Establish the timing, STICK to IT and  DO IT REGULARLY.

And what’s next? Panic attack and here come the moment to look for milk booster.


Usually we heard common whining or disappointment coming from a mother regarding their supply. And when they seek for milk booster, these are the frequent question:
After taking this, when can I expect my milk production to boost?

Is it like I have to wait 4 to 5 hours or tomorrow?
How come it is the same production even after taking this milk booster? Is it not working with me?

Even worse when the respond from your colleague or friends to try this’lah’ that’lah’as it worked for them. Without realizing that you are not following the above concept, you are wasting your time and money in order to increase your supply

So, what is wrong with milk booster?
Nothing and it works as what it claimed it to be.
So, what's wrong as I still produce the same amount or even worse?
It is you who probably not fully understand the concept of breastfeeding.

Misconception: Buy the MILK BOOSTER and it will works wonders

Concept: Milk booster only works when you work.
Please understand that is not like Panadol Active Fast where it can take away your pain after 30 minutes.
That's the 3 concepts that I sum up based on various knowledge and experiences. I am not a lactation consultant but I am sure they will agree with me because those are among the advices I get from them.

Thus, it is a MUST for you to understand and follow the above concept before any milk booster can work. In fact you do not need any if you do it correctly and take care of your daily diet.

After all the above, I am thankful that I found this Set Penyusuan Shaklee. So what actually it does?
First of all, it DOES NOT increase milk production DIRECTLY. What it does is that

1) It boosts up my ENERGY so that I keep fit for my baby. It gives energy to recover after the routine of breastfeed and pumping. Do you know the body burn at least 300-500 calories per day by only breastfeeding? Thus I have to make sure I consume it in order to stay healthy and be in a tip TOP condition to cope up with my crazy daily activities.

2) It supplies me with all the vitamins and minerals that the body need and the best thing it also goes to my baby. I eat healthy thing and thus my baby will have the same. That's why I need supplement as I have to share it with my son. All the good thing goes in will be good things put for him.

The other effect that I am experiencing is that:

1) I am less fatigued even with all my tight schedules and breastfeeding some more.

2) I hardly have fever, flu, coughing etc. Alhamdulillah. You know it is bad when your child fall sick, but it is worse when the mommy fall sick too, right?

3) I always in a good mood. I feel happy and my complexion is improving tremendously. I am thinking to drop my expensive skincare soon.

Best among all, it is the side effect of this set where INDIRECTLY your milk production IMPROVING! I’m talking about in term of texture and amount. I'm seeing as the Happy effect. When the mommy happy, the baby happy. When you happy, your milk production also happy. Happy people bring happy lifestyle. Happy happy happy!!!

So friends, before you decide to pay for any milk booster, think of the concept first. And find the best milk booster that actually proven right.

I have found mine and I can guide my best to help you. With the right guidance which I am willing to help, you will see the positive result.

Feel free to drop any comments as sharing is caring.

Mommy is still pumping 9oz for every session for almost a year and counting:

My series of production during office hour. 
Office freezer

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Love from Mrs.V

This is my first time entry dedicate to my mama. My kids call her 'Nek Baik'

The biggest challenge is where to start?

If I start by describing her personality, I am afraid it will go more than 20 paragraphs. And if I start by giving examples on her cynical jokes, it will end up nothing as I will be busy laughing instead of typing.

Thus, let just start with her new best friend, Mrs.V.

Last 2 weeks, during my sister's wedding, I got a time to introduce her to Mrs.V. Mrs V came all the way from US and plan to stay at my mom's house for a while.

The wedding went well and 2 weeks has passed. I am extremely busy for the past weeks and totally forgot how my mom and Mrs.V get along. I'm afraid my mom just being too busy and ignore Mrs. V and thus on last Monday, I texted her to know how they are doing?

The reply was beyond my expectation. I am glad to know that she's feeling energetic than usual. And she compliment her complexion as well.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Dear Darling,

Mommy is having a blogger’s block. It can be extremely frustrating when you sit down to write a blog post only to find yourself staring at a blank screen for what feels like hours. The worst is when you don’t have the luxury of that ‘hours’.I am clueless on how to start.

I think because my mind is too tired. I now feel that for the past 2 months, I’ve been hard to myself. Coping with daily working hours, family, traveling, onlining and iphoning.

Pardon my style today as this is the best idea of writing that I can came up- a numbering entry on what I’ve been doing. So pathetic and that’s how I feel at this moment

Monday, 16 June 2014


Assalamualaikum and Hello to my kids,

Why I created this blog at only this time around. I have been introduced to blog world like 4 years ago but only today I feel really want to do it. BIG WHY.

This blog was created for my kids. At this moment, I have 2 kids, a pair. One daughter age 3 years and counting and one son will turn 1 soon and of course counting.

Kids, your mommy here is not an ordinary girl ever since she was born. I was a hyperactive baby and hardly take no for the answer. Well, daughter, you have this in you and I'm sorry for scolding you all this while. I should blame myself. KARMA. The early ages was very challenging to your nek baik. You don't have a chance to meet your wan (which is my Abah). I am pretty sure he make a good Wan if he is still with us. Well, we changed more than 7 nannies while I was in primary school. every 'kak', 'auntie' sure remembered me. I have the craziest pranks and tricks on people. I'll share those stories later.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Love is like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

My dear children,
This entry lovingly dedicate to you as to put in the picture who is your Baba. This time not who he is for you because that's your story. For this 2014 Father's Day, I am here to share who he is in the eyes of mine.

My friends who know me know that I talk a lot. But rarely do I talk deep about love especially about my husband. It is not about the ego or ‘segan’ or ‘poyo’ but more on hard to describe in words.
Yes, you heard me say; I love him but who doesn’t? He’s your husband and some more a father to your kids. Then when it comes to birthday, I also wish him with some poetic words and cynical jokes like every other partner do.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hard work and Believe

'Sesungguhnya rezeki itu bukan di tangan kita tapi atas ketentuanNYA. 

Benda yang sama kita belajar, di ajar tapi jarang kita mengajar hati kita. Kalau benar tertanam di hati, pasti kita tak pernah berkira dan membandingkan.'

For all these years, I always been taught that hard work pays.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Returning BIG favor with a SMALL result

This entry specially dedicate to my good friend who has been with me through thick hair and thin hair and back to my thick hair again.

Now that I'm wearing hijab and she always be there to upgrade my style. Without her, I most probably wearing the same 'bawal' style with no desire to improve at all. I could say; that she's the reason I see hijab in different way.

The fact is as a woman we try to find the purpose of what we do, how we wear so that it will back to the way our religion taught us. Basically ' Kalau nak buat kena ikhlas. Nak pakai tudung kena keranaNya' 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

FIGHTING WITH YOUR BEST BUDDY- Bagi mereka yang bertanya!

This entry is mainly for my Shaklee business. Ever since I uploaded my experiment with Lecithin,

I got many messages via FB and what apps to know more about my #setkurusku.

As I keep on replying their texts, I found out I almost answer to similar questions and it is more efficient if I share it here. Next time if any of my friends ask, I can just copy paste this link to them.

 Set ini terdiri dari beberapa produk yang telah disyorkan. Walaubagaimanapun, ini adalah blog saya dan saya adalah pengguna mengikut cara yang telah disampaikan kepada saya dan ianya terbukti berkesan, maka lebih ikhlas saya kongsi apa yang saya guna. Jika anda dapati ianya lain dari apa yang anda pernah dengar, itu cerita anda yang saya tak pasti jadi atau tak. Yang saya pasti, cerita saya menjadi.

I am Sorry you feel that Way!

My dearest daughter,

You may not remember the date and time as you were small but the guilt strike me and I cringed every time I remember the 15 minutes scene. The scene that has transform me to a better person.

It started with a nice Tuesday morning. Everyone in the house was late for their school and work.

1st Scene-Master Bedroom-Shower

The moment you woke up, you started to test my ill-temper. didn't you know that we are all late? Didn';t you know that you can have shower at your school? Didn't you know that I sleep less than 4 hours the night before because your brother keep on kicking my tummy and head? Of course you didn't as you are just 3 years old.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Agent Burner- My Fat and Lecithin

This time entry is kind of fact and fun. This is one of the entry regarding one of item from #setkurusku where I named it as agents and the cast are:

  1. AGENT Protein- All for One and One for All
  2. AGENT Booster- Anything you consume, I multiply the effect
  3. AGENT Detox- Without me you are nothing
  4. AGENT Burner- Burn the FAT baby! 

'Ini terpengaruh dengan The Band' and hopefully my friend find this entry 'Juicy' to read. If you don't know what language I am using, please ignore it. Or just google image this 'The Band+Juicy' and you will come across this- read until last and you will find out

This time entry is specially dedicate for Agent Burner or well known as Lecithin

Sunday, 8 June 2014

JOKOWI-Life Lesson

Thank you to Astro for allowing all channels for this school holiday. Though I think they should have do it more often to compensate the time where 'siaran tergendala kerana cuaca buruk'. Today at channel Pelangi 142, I had a chance to watch Jokowi, an Indonesian movie about Joko Widodo childhood. By the way, he is currently a Governor and also a potential candidate for Presidenr of Indonesia.

Memandangkan cerita dan lakon layar di dalam bahasa Indonesia, adalah lebih bermakna entry kali ini berbahasa Malaysia. Mungkin olahan ini tak seindah bahasa Indonesia dimana kita sedia maklum yang Indonesia sangat kaya dengan sastera dan karya seninya. Memang benar rumpun Melayu itu luas dan akarnya berbalik kepada negara jiran kita di Indonesia.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Know your Personality Part II

Well, I am sure you are eager to know what type of person you are. I decided to share with all of you after my last entry to my children on this topic.
It will be good if you can also take the test. Honestly, it is kind of lengthy questions from MBTI and I am not so sure on the calculation part.

I believe the power of sharing and thus I did my best to simplify it. Please not the below works as a very basic of what type of personality are you.

Know your Personality Part I

My dearest kids,
I am really grateful to my company for allowing me to attend this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Session yesterday. This session helped me to learn about myself, understanding where I am fitting as well as describes personality difference in positive and constructive ways.

And this entry allows you to know more about your mommy. You will understand better how mommy reacts differently from your Baba upon the same matter. How we usually agree on things that seems impossible to agree for others. And you will be surprise to see how your mommy can easily outrage over you think a small matter but easily accepting things that actually heavy for you.
Despite that, this entry also reminds me how I find to understand each one of you better, manage my stress and allow things that I see impossible to live with before. I appreciate why the differences between us are not something that we pick along the way but it’s more in our nature and preference. We can’t help it with the way we act towards environment and people because it is just the way we are. Now I’m more appreciating the important differences between people, and understand how different types can work together in a complementary way.

With this new knowledge that I acquired yesterday, I appreciate the phrase of ‘Love you just the way you are!’ better!

Thursday, 5 June 2014


It was all started when I went abroad to pursuit my tertiary education in Scotland. Their kind of weather is like if it is not snowing, it is raining and the summer is like blink of sun.  Surviving in a cold country like that has turned me into a ‘beruang kutub’. I felt hungry all the time and worst of all, the mind was constantly in hibernating mode. Due to lifestyle and age, my metabolism has decreased ever since. Everyone should have known once your metabolism has decreased, then you become good buddy with one thing we hate the most but we cling to it. The answer is FAT!!

I always wanted to share my journey of fighting my so-called good buddy- MRS FAT. And I am still fighting it especially after gave birth to you, kids. The first post-delivery fat has somehow stuck and now piling up after the second delivery. Motherhood is beautiful but it can be hideous whenever you catch your glimpse on the mirror,

Cellulite: Hello there, nice belly you have

Me: OH NOOOOOO. (cover and walk away)

Happy Teacher's Day

It was raining and my hearts feel so heavy. I am missing someone so dearly and he's no longer reachable.

Last weekends, everyone was wishing and celebrating teacher's day and I was no exception. I send messages through Facebook and Whatapps. Send personal message to my kids’ teachers and so on.

In spite of this, the most heart-rending wish came from my old time friend, Fikry Abdullah. We went to primary school together.

I would like to quote his wish in the Facebook:

“Saya patut juga berterima kasih kepada Allahyarham Pakcik Tahir kerana banyak tlg menyediakan ruang dan peluang untuk memajukan diri saya. Bekas pelajar Sekolah Bertam tahu apa peranan beliau pada kita semua.”

Keep Calm and Grow Hair

There was one time when I woke in the middle of the night, panic attack! It was not the sound of my baby but the sight of 500 hairs on my pillow. It should stick on my head, isn't it

I started searching for the How? Why? And What? and Mr Google told me, apparently, after you've given birth and your hormones have settled down more hair shifts into a shedding phase. This can be very disturbing, but try not to worry too much — you won't go bald!

I said what? Not too worry? I mean imagine you see your hair not only in your shower drain, your comb, and your floor and everywhere in the house. Scary!! And the worst part is that Mr Google also told me there's little you can do about the shedding, other than to be PATIENT. You know what; I still blur the meaning of patient.

‘Bersusah susah dahulu, dan susah sungguh baru bersenang senang kemudian’

To all the ladies out there who is suffering this problem, let me share my experience and cut your suffering short.

First and foremost, thank you to those who chip in advices, experiences and money during my combat with this issue. I can now conclude in very simple steps that anyone of you can follow.

Gossip is Destructive

What's your opinion of gossip? Do you like it? Do you love to be part of it? I do and I really enjoy being among a group of people who share the story, analysing it and try to apply it in daily life. What should one do and one shouldn’t do that etc etc. An act of wise woman konon! 

Now let me turn the questions.

Do you like to be the subject of the gossip?

How is it feel if the gossip is about you?

Do you like to hear people say things about you and you know it is not the way it happened?

My dear kids,

For me gossip is destructive. It can be one of the down parts in your life. You feel that you should stand up and correct the story and the people. Even worse while fixing the story, people misinterpreted it and somehow the story is way out of line. By the end of the day, you feel helpless to and just let it go.

Feeling Grateful on 3rd May 2014

Alhamdulillah, mommy and her partner in crime managed to pull a well housewarming party last Saturday, 3rd of May 2014. It was our first kenduri at our new home and Alhamdulillah it went beyond our expectation.
Oh ya! I forgot to mention that we did aqiqah for our little boy who is not so little anymore.
As mentioned, I love organizing event especially event for myself. Sound corny but true!
The food, the people and the stories were the best combination on that Saturday.
For this, I would like to list down the thankful credit to the below:
  • My Abah for his superb lamb curry. He did it with the help from his son and daughter.
  • The thank you note also goes to my makteh and mama who helped to take care of the kids while we were attending to other errands. And of course for the outstanding mee rebus.
  • My appreciation also went to those who came and brought the dessert. I was surprised to see the dessert table filled up just after 30 minutes.
‘QZ, the cake and the brownies were damn yummy. True what people say and I’m glad I went through all the troubles to get your cakes. I also attracted to the cake’s name; the Sumpah Sedap cake. I mean it is so true that you don’t need fancy title to name it after.
And of course my love goes to all that came and share our moments. I love you Here There Everywhere.
I am bless with all the love showed during the event and I am glad that my kids is growing up in this surroundings.  
Mommy shed grateful tears.


Rejab dan ESP

Malam ni malam pertama Rejab. What so great about it? Sebagaimana kebaikan dan keistimewaan bulan bulan Allah yg lain, Rejab antara yg special. Why so special. You can google it to find out. The matter most what so special to me?

I am not a good Muslimah but I am trying everyday. May Allah SWT forgive my wrongdoings and guide me to become one of the entree in His Jannah. I also need to bring my dear kids and my love one as well.

Thus, in this month of Rejab, I'm praying for a strong heart, a strong Iman and a strong faith. People are talking about puasa sunat di bulan Rejab. The way I see it, puasa for myself as one of way to have the three thing that I mentioned above.

I'm not worry with the physical courage. I have good food to consume and my Shaklee ESP to boost my energy. I am more concern on the lack of food for my soul. Do Shaklee has its own recipe for that? Perhaps special kind of ESP? If only the Iman is that easy to have.

What shall one do during this month? You can do nothing. No one will bother you. Well I can live with that. But then, I asked myself, can I live knowing He doesn't bother about you?

Renung renung dan selamat beramal

Mommy bersama fikiran yg bertaubat
Malam Pertama Rejab

Breastfeeding..if only you know

Recently I posted about my milk production while fasting in my facebook. I received quite a queries regarding what I did to have 25oz easily during the working hour. And I was fasting.

My dearest kids,

I am a carrier woman and thus when I decide to breastfeed you kids, it is not a simple decision that come along with pregnancy and giving birth. My journey as a mommy and a breastfeeding mother started with you. The thing in me, when I decided to do things, I want to give the best especially when it involves you kids. This is not a testing ground but a real thing. I was learning while feeding the eldest and I am well prepared for the next. My target is to supply this human milk for at least 2 years. Lucky you kiddo.

I claimed breastfeed is the most natural way like farting. You find it hard to fart during your early dating time with your partner until you spend the rest of your life with him/her. That’s how easy breastfeed become upon practices. Then why the normal whining like "Ehmm...dah tak ada susu, nak buat macam mana , bukan rezeki"

This might not be relevant article for you, kids but at least you learned how mommy does it successfully.

I shared with you my brutal honest tips Bukan main main tapi betul betul. These are all from my very own experience. I admitted, anger, frustration, tired and almost gave up were all part and parcel of the journey. I once feel to throw you kids in the washing machine. I even put the ear plug while you were crying your lung out loud.

Thus, my very own version of  breastfeeding are:

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Food for Brain

I was preparing the food for my son since he still consumes non solid food. I arranged it for a week because I am a working woman. Speaking of 8 to 7 working hours, you only have limited time to set the food for your kids once you reach home.

As I was on my planned leave today, I decided to try a new recipe:

First is the chicken rice with sweet pumpkin where I soaked the pumpkin with some honey before I blended all together. It tastes yummy to me and I am sure he likes it.

The second one is chicken mango pasta. My son never tries any pasta and hopefully he will like the new fusion.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Video shooting for my SetKurusKu

This is so funny not to share with my friends. To you my dear kids, please watch the videos to see how hilarous our family is. This was taken during MekSha wedding.

Peneraju utama:

1) Jurujual yang sangat jujur dan peka
2) Videogirl yang nak bercakap
3) Bakal pembeli yang banyak karenah
4) Customer yang suka voiceover


Meja makan Taman Rupawan


30 minutes

I had fun doing it and I don't plan to perfect it before I publish.

I want to share the genuine scenes. Enjoy the videos:

Mommy laughing her heart out whenever she plays the videos.

Hello June!

My dearest kids,

We are at your Nek Baik house celebrating your MekSha wedding. Alhamdulillah all the event went well besides some hiccups HERE, THERE EVERYWHERE. I was the main person to see this goes well. Bersyukur keHadrat Ilahi, semua yg datang happy!

May month was a superb month for me. The Lombok trip was really an expensive experience for 4 of us. The buddy2 managed to pull out the most happening Bachelorette getaway to your MekSha.

So remember my kid, do not cut your friends out when you get married. All this fun, gossiping, going crazy and cycling in the middle of the night around a new island, dipping in another hotel's swimming pool was totally gila. You cant have this with your spouse. That one is another special way of life.

I'm carrying the Lombok Spirit when I prepared your MekSha's wedding. I feel content and relax. Thus, what we hope for turn out as nice as you expect it to be. We had fun, colours and tears of joy during the event. Even I cried when I saw MekSha hug her sister in law and called her 'Kak'. It struck my heart that I will no longer her only sister. Ironic, it was like sad but happy feeling.

Bonus in May- My sharing on how I get back my shape by fighting with your best buddy- Mrs Fat has received quite a review. A number that I proud of. Thanks to Nadia and Mus Danial.

Last but not least, the dessert for my May month is that now I have a new buddy in crime for this Shaklee business. As a beginner, she's doing way too ok and I'm glad we are a team.

Now I'm praying that June will not disaapoint me.

Mommy feeling proud on how her Month has turned out

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