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Monday, 26 May 2014

Thomas Cup, 2014- LOST- Again. When can we WIN again?

Yesterday evening was a depressing moment for Malaysia. On 25th of May 2014, we bring back the Thomas Cup. And this time we fell short against Japan, which in my opinion is an underdog team. I mean, I never knew, Japan rhyme with badminton for the past 20 years! It was a tragedy.

In my opinion, it wasn’t totally due to our handicap but also because of Japan has raised their performance and I believe there is something about the team. Hats off to the coach, Park Ju-Bong (betul ke spelling ni?), the strategy used and the practices and tricks etc but it works for their team. My posting is more on what I learned, observed and want to share with others especially my kids.

 Dear Kids,

Our former PM, Tun Mahathir has been talking about 'Dasar pandang ke Timur' during his serving years and he was referring to Japan. I remembered my Arwah Abah went there and he bought a set of pinggan mangkuk I’m using it now. I plan to pass to my daughter as one of the wedding gift. Well, that’s the selingan because lately, I miss my Abah. Al-Fatihah.

But why Japan? What do they have that Tun M made a ‘dasar’? for it. I remembered many of my bright talented friends been send there to further their study. They learned and speaks the language and they are now a well done lady serving the nation with a bit of Japanese culture. One thing I knew, many of them loves to bake. I’ve yet to ask whether this is coincident or something that they picked it up during their years there.

Well, Farahana I hope you read an comment on this! 

What it got to do with the games yesterday? I hardly watched it because it was too painful to see or hear how our teams play. Of course and for sure they played their best but for me, I've seen the best of Malaysia in the 90's and the recipe was not there last night.  Though I was young at that time, I remembered, they played like there was no more tomorrow the game was the last games for them. Though at that time, we watched the matches via a small black box, but the energy was too powerful not to commit to memory. Come on, I was just a kid and I remembered how Rashid threw his racquet after he won his game.

Since then I know, sports do not totally require physical and skill. Among all, you need a very strong determination to win and to be a Hero!

So what about this Japanese? Honestly, Tun M must have seen things beyond what I can see. He’s legend kids! Though I know a little of Japanese culture, but through my humble observation, I do admire Japan's culture. In good and bad times, they never lose their roots.  They really hold on to their culture. When they represent their flag, the spirit of camaraderie is as one. And as an Asian or Malaysia specifically, we have our culture. It is just sad that nowadays, we see this culture fade away.

How you expect us to unite when we have a pang of jealousy towards our successful friends. I knew because I did feel that, long time ago. Though ‘orang selalu kata jealous bersebab dan ingin maju tak apa’. I say it is wrong to say that! Why we have to be like that in the first place. Let’s celebrate each other success. This is kind of morale that I want my kids to have.

My dear, the fact is we cannot have everything in life. But that’s not the license for us to whine about it. Be content if you are not, simply work harder.

Maybe, one day and I hope ONE SPECIAL DAY when all the whining, excuses, taking advantage of our country hardly exist, then we can repeat the history. Like how the individual, team and us did in the 80's and 90's. Perhaps at that time, the money, material and ego are not big enough to consume the pure objective.

As a mommy, I'm hoping, practising and praying that I’m doing it right with you, kids.  I want to gel the strongest foundation in your heart. ‘Tanamkan dalam jiwa siapa kita, dari mana asal kita dan apa itu 'Tanah tumpah Darahku'.

Let us breed more shuttler with this roots and then we can have hope to see the cup again.

Mommy always have hope for her Negara
p/s: My friend Fikry Al-Adib who is working with Nippon O&G (not Nippon paint company)is also working today. Orang Jepun relax jee kerja hari ni, orang kita yg kecoh nak cuti!. Frust sebab tak cuti.

Simple Malaysian family watching and praying with a high hope!
Dismal and frustrated when the cup is not ours. :(

This is you Son, mengigit sebab frust sangat Malaysia kalah!

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