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Friday, 4 July 2014

Slim and Slimmer-She is now Happy!

Pagi ini, dengan rasa gembira di hati, ada orang telah memberitahui yang Set Slimming Shaklee berjaya lagi!!

Oh dear kids, my English is not good so thus my Bahasa. I hope you will turn out better. This is what happened when you neither here nor there. Screwed the conversation that I had during my time at TKC. Dua dua hancuq..

Anyway, back to my friend, my dear you know who and if you want to get yourself be known, please leave a comment. Well, this girl texted me this morning and delightful mention that she:

I'm glad she applied my advice on how to consume it the right way. And I'm glad she is now happy and is trying her best to get back into her desired shape.

I don't need to babble much for this time entry. The testimony said it so and I want to see more coming!

Next!, I'm trying to help others!

Mommy with her Shaklee Slimming Set

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