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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Old Girl Association (OGA) Day

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah,
Kolej Ulung di Negara Malaysia,
Kami rakyat bersumpah
Akan teguh patuh memeliharanya

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah,
Kolej mulia berjasa
Moga moga tuhan memberi rahmatNya
Sentosa Kolej Tunku Kurshiah

Dear kids,

That is my college song and today I heard it twice. Also today was my first time attending this OGA Day. I have to admit, the drive to agree to this idea is you, daughter.

You see, I was given the best opportunity by Allah SWT to spend my whole 5 years (secondary) here at TKC. You can google it to learn about what is Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) aka the most prestigious all girl school in Malaysia. Of course I am proud and I think you should experience the same.

Haruslah kan!!!!!

I purposely agree to share the sale booth with your Aunty Nirma and Aunty Alep as a guarantee I won't back off at last minute. I even say yes to play the basketball game with the junior to ensure I turn up for this event. Thank you my daughter, we did come, I did earn some profit via my tudung sale and I scored during the game as well.

The activities were overwhelming as early as 8.30am. It was a great great great job by the committee and that also a real TKC trait. We know how to party and the best about us, we know how to create one. Didn't I tell you that my Chairman's wife is also from TKC and she can spotted the real TKCian from far. And that's how she spotted me.

Anyway, all the games, selling, eating, and cheering didn't put you off your mood and that was a huge achivement. You really enjoyed your time with all the kakak kakak, the aunties and best of all with yourself even the hot sunny day didn't bother you at all.The fact that we can stay from 9am till almost 5pm was an outstanding performance by you or even me. You somehow show how true TKCian act given the rain or shine or when your boss playing trick with your emotion and mind ( opps, that is my scenario; not yours and I pray you don't cross this kind of path, not good for your sex life)

Being an over excited mommy, I see some potential in you to be accepted by this college. But first of all, let's fix your English.

Mommy proud that she is TKCian
p/s: cerita banyak pun tak guna, jadi member OGA pun belum aisshhh mommy ni

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