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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Keep Calm and Grow Hair

There was one time when I woke in the middle of the night, panic attack! It was not the sound of my baby but the sight of 500 hairs on my pillow. It should stick on my head, isn't it

I started searching for the How? Why? And What? and Mr Google told me, apparently, after you've given birth and your hormones have settled down more hair shifts into a shedding phase. This can be very disturbing, but try not to worry too much — you won't go bald!

I said what? Not too worry? I mean imagine you see your hair not only in your shower drain, your comb, and your floor and everywhere in the house. Scary!! And the worst part is that Mr Google also told me there's little you can do about the shedding, other than to be PATIENT. You know what; I still blur the meaning of patient.

‘Bersusah susah dahulu, dan susah sungguh baru bersenang senang kemudian’

To all the ladies out there who is suffering this problem, let me share my experience and cut your suffering short.

First and foremost, thank you to those who chip in advices, experiences and money during my combat with this issue. I can now conclude in very simple steps that anyone of you can follow.

1) Axe out the FEAR

After several talked to my experience friends, I decided to CHOP off my hair. I got a boy-cut look and Fear not as nowadays, there are varieties of look. Take a look at Yasmin Hani hair after she gave birth to her son, Noah. Cheeky but pretty!

Basically, long hair weighs more and pulls from your scalp with its constant downward pull. Shorter haircuts cause less pressure to your hair follicles, which will decrease chances of increased shedding. In addition it is easier to take care of than longer styles.

It was a very bold move but I'm glad I did it. Ever since that, I no longer FEAR of looking the long string of hairs on the floor instead on my head.

This is the first step and now let see what’s next!

2) Find the RIGHT Shampoo

Before this, I am a kind of person who trusted one product and uses it like forever and I rarely change. Until recently when I came across this promoter from Giant store. It was funny but it is true. She said like this

Promoter:  You aa, kalau you hari hari makan ayam, you suka kah?

Me: No lah aunty, muntah juga (while shaking my head)

Promoter: Sama meh. Itu lambut (rambut) pun mau makan macam macam juga. Hali hali guna sama shampoo, mana boleh.

Me: Ok aunty, (nodded with a surprise face)

And now after trying several of products, I finally found the right one that works for my hair. I have dehydration and dandruff problem. The dandruff is so bad that it stuck on the scalp.

Now I am using

 ·         Anti dandruff by HIMALAYA- for my dandruff problem
·         Protein Shampoo by HIMALAYA – this one works to balance the PH for my hair.

·         BAWANG by Jackie Chan- help to grow the hair. I see much baby fine hair now.

I wash my hair everyday and I alternate it. I no longer apply conditioner on my hair as it is not working with me.

Betul kata orang tua, rambut sama hitam, tapi masalah rambut lain lain.

Thus, diagnose your hair problem and rectify it. Select a shampoo with quality ingredients. Use this shampoo regularly and rinse with cold water. And don’t forget to dry it especially for those who wear hijab. That’s why short hair works better for me.

3) Remedy from INSIDE

Now that you have done something outside, the core is to treat from the inside.

Add vitamins and nutrients to your diet. Vitamin B complex, vitamins E and C, zinc and biotin help increase hair strength and health. Take extra supplements or eat foods rich in these nutrients and vitamins to help your locks.

Tapi kalau susah susah sangat nak pantau diet, nak kena makan apa, guna set Shaklee ni. It was recommended by my friend and I am now strongly recommend it to you.

Set yang solid dan terbukti berkesan. It works for me and so does other people. It was cheap to compare to the locks that you lose over the time. Why wait! 


 4) Keep calm and grow Hair.

The mantra is

“ Rambut baru nak tumbuh. Lagi cantik, lagi healthy”

Avoid stress. Stress can cause your hair to fall out or decrease in thickness.  Keep calm and believe your hair will grow more beautiful than ever. And in case you don’t notice, if you happy, your baby will be happy too.

There you go. My secret and it shows improvement. Want to know how I do it.

Ask me personally. I can be your hair guru. J

And to you my son, this article is for you to read. You are the reason why but I love you anyway. And now, we are growing hair together.

Mommy and her hair



ashiena said...

Thumbs up.. thank you tips2.... tapi yg syampoo bawang tu kena check... ada kata tak leh guna....

NimboKing said...

Ashiena, I dah check but mostly kata ok. Nevermind, if you was was boleh cari shampoo herbal yg lain. Good luck!

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