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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy Teacher's Day

It was raining and my hearts feel so heavy. I am missing someone so dearly and he's no longer reachable.

Last weekends, everyone was wishing and celebrating teacher's day and I was no exception. I send messages through Facebook and Whatapps. Send personal message to my kids’ teachers and so on.

In spite of this, the most heart-rending wish came from my old time friend, Fikry Abdullah. We went to primary school together.

I would like to quote his wish in the Facebook:

“Saya patut juga berterima kasih kepada Allahyarham Pakcik Tahir kerana banyak tlg menyediakan ruang dan peluang untuk memajukan diri saya. Bekas pelajar Sekolah Bertam tahu apa peranan beliau pada kita semua.”

On the same day, my friend Maylin setup a Whatapps group and invited those who used to attend tuition classes setup by Pakcik Tahir and his gang. The classes were an initiative by Pakcik Tahir and a group of outstanding teachers in our area at that time. For me they are legend.

Who us Pakcik Tahir?

He was not a teacher and graduated far from teaching field. He was just a free lance contractor with a small fortune. One thing rare about him is his heart. He was very much into the education and passion about it. He was kind of person who believes

“ Tiada harta yang berniai dalam dunia ni kecuali ilmu. Ilmu tu tunjang sampai ke akhirat”

Like one of my favourite Michael Jackson song- Man in the Mirror

“If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place, Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change”

It was all started with his children and the objective was very simple and pure. Why only his children if he can help others too. With this dream, he started participating in all PIBG (PTA) activities, school and exams. He saw the opportunity can be spread out.

Our Permatang Bertam School was classified as a grade B and at that time you can count how many of us can pass the standard 6 exam (UPSR) with distinction. ‘Almaklumlah sekolah kampong’ and most of us have difficulty speaking in proper Bahasa. Even worse when it came to English. It was close to impossible for our student to be accepted into an elite primary school. I was referring to boarding schools/ college. TKC, MCKK, STF, Alam Shah, SDAR, STAR, SSP etc

As I always believe and he made me believe that miracle happen for those who seek. Hard work after hard work with doa dan barakah. That particular year was a record breaker as 5 of us was accepted to these elite primary schools.

The success of Permatang Bertam and his teachers didn’t stop there ever since. With the same drive and better formula, Pakcik Tahir and all the tenaga pengajar created history year by year.

So this time my writing is an acknowledgment to Arwah Pakcik Tahir. This is an example of a simple man that created history. It showed me that with a sincere honesty aim, Allah will make His way.

To Arwah Pakcik Tahir, Happy Teacher's day to you. And to all the teachers in the world, you deserve better than one day celebration.

Dear Kids,

If you wonder who is this Pakcik Tahir, I am proud to say that he is my Abah/ my Dad. It was an honour to be part of him and raise by him. It is so sad that he never make it to see his grandkids. If he still with us, I am sure he will be the type of man that you can look up to.

The gene is with me and I am carrying his strength and honesty, Insya Allah. Allow me to pass it to you, kids Let the tradition flow.

To my dear Abah, I miss you so much today and may Allah grant you the best place hereafter.

Al- Fatihah

Mommy feeling proud of her roots and missing her Abah

Ya Allah, sampaikan Al Fatihah aku kepadanya. Sebanyak mana air dan pasir di muka bumi Mu.

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Pakcik Rosli said...

Benar..memang benar apa yang kak Nim sebut mengenai arwah pak Tahir. Pemergiannya adalah kehilangan yang amat besar kepada keluarga terutamanya dalam bidang pendidikan. Pakcik sangat2 menghargai setiap sumbangan beliau kepada pakcik dalam proses pembelajaran Jufri. As always; good guys die young. Sentiasalah kita berdoa semoga arwah abang Tahir dirahmati Allah dan ditempatkan bersama para solehin. Al-fatihah!

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