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Thursday, 22 May 2014


My dear kids,

Well this article is partly because of you but not necessary for you. It is because of you that I started to consume good products and I am happy to say that I found what is the best for me and thus, for you.

Anyway, this time post is intentionally written to all my friends who is battling to get back to their desire shape. Particularly for those who just gave birth and somehow notice there are post delivery fat that sticks on the tummy, hip and buttock.

And kids, I was one of them.

It started when I really hate to look at myself and that was a real setback. I know about if you are content and happy, you don’t need any approval but I was not approved with my own self.  I shared my stories on several of my entries - FIGHTING WITH YOUR BEST BUDDY series previously.

Bob and Nadia (husband and wife) were the couple who introduced me to this superb product. They didn’t come to me but vice versa. It was a walking testimony from Bob. Bob is big size guy and to see him without his usual tummy is quite a story. Like so, I paid for the set and ready to embark in anew journey finding a new me.

 Set Kurus Shaklee

As you see each item of the set, you can Google it yourself. Find out how can it help to your body and even watch the demonstration in the You Tube. They even do the experiment to compare Shaklee vitamins with others. How cool is that?  I give confidence for you to go ahead and surf the net.  As so far, the Shaklee products do not disappoint its customer.

The best thing about Bob is that he was not just gave away the tools but teach you how to use it.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

This is how I consume my vitamins and it works for my body.

(max: 3scoop daily)
3 full scoop with any cold drinks that I want. Be it milk, soy, ribena, laichee, mango etc etc.NONO

For some people who are having tough time to avoid your dinner, you can try to take this ESP just before eating your dinner instead during breakfast. This will help to reduce your food intake during night time. My mama do it this way!
(max: 10 tablets daily) but I am cheapskate so I only take 6 daily. That’s me
3 tablets3 tablets
OMEGAGUARD1 tablet1 tablet1 tablet
LECITHIN3 tablets3 tablets

Actually there are variety of way to consume it depending on your lifestyle and how you adapt to these vitamins. I always ask my friend how is their lifestyle, when the feel hungry the most etc before they want to purchase this superb set.

But here in my entry, I want to share my personal experience and how my body respond towards these vitamins. Please note that it may not be the same as what the Shaklee guideline/ book say or other people testimonies as this is purely based on my experience. I am the ‘tikus putih’

This is a soy based product and my concern was that I am breastfeeding my son and he has eczema. I was not sure with his soy tolerance. I was afraid it can dampen his problems.

I once read from a book of parenting, you need to trust your guts feeling to raise your children. And thus I drink as instructed and Alhamdulillah, both mother and son are in better health than before.

As a working lady, my job is dealing with numbers, find time to update my blog and responding to emails and messages by friends. If time permits, I will try to go out and have fun with my friends/ colleague during lunch hour. By the time I reached home, I am a mother who does the usual house chores. I wake up every morning to breastfeed my son and rarely have 8 hours of sleeping. Be it weekends or weekdays, I must be out of bed the least by 7am and only off to bed at 11.00pm.

And for all the chores above, I managed to pump out 20-25 oz daily and breastfeed my son whenever he wants.

The best thing is I no longer a grumpy wife and mother to my family. Yes, I admit sometimes I snapped but tell me who doesn’t? The energy is something and I feel different. Yes, I can say I am a happy woman. Even more, the shape is getting better.

We’ve been blessed with variety of food as we live in Malaysia. We eat and sleep well. If we can wash, wax and polish our car, why can’t we do that for our body?

We need to clean up our own shit. And we do have a lot of shit to clean up in our body. Let’s detox with alfalfa.

This alfalfa thing has do wonder to my body. I shit a lot and this mean it cleaning my bowel. The detox process may be different from one person to another. However, believe me, once the process is over, you feel lighter. Now, whatever I eat, the body only keep the necessary. Example, lunch- 1 hour after that-toilet.

Lecithin/ Omegaguard- Well, to be honest, there are other good things that these vitamins provide. but I only knew that it somehow break the stubborn fat and it then been easily wash out from your body. I need both of this because I want fast result. Anyway, because of this entry, I have watched few videos of Lecithin and Omegaguard. I will try to upload my own demo in my next entry.

But one thing for sure when I consume all these vitamins with the right direction, the result has shown the following:

1)      I can now fit into my original size UK10. I was almost UK14 after gave birth to my second.

2)      I easily fit in and out my old jeans. No more like the picture

3)      The bosom stays! Phewiitt...This is the dream of every girl. Did you know that we tend to lose our bosom when we start exercising or dieting? But not this time. Not with Shaklee. Thanks to ESP. Remember ‘buang bawah bukan atas’

4)      The milk production does not decrease though I eat less and healthily now. Even during my fasting time. The production didn’t drop.

5)      My husband is a happy man as the kids are more calm and happy. The secret is because now they have a happy mommy!!

So all the best to you! Yes you who read this entry. You know I can be the guru for this.

Let us share the good news!

Mommy proud of helping other people

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