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Monday, 17 November 2014


I am starting to fall in love with this FIGHTING WITH YOUR BEST BUDDY series. While I’m typing this, I am actually laughing at my own stupidity. Well, maybe this is what people always said ‘asam garam kehidupan’.

This time, I want to share with you how I battle MRS FAT via HERBALIFE Slimming Set. With this set, I hardly taste any ‘asam’, ‘garam’ or ‘manis’. Let us read and laugh together

First of all, this is not a scam product. Herbalife's product range includes protein shakes, protein snacks, nutrition, energy and fitness supplements and personal care products. Their protein shake, a soy-based meal-replacement shake, is the company's number one product. It is a good product and you can see it works based on many people testimonies.

In order to fight MRS FAT, I spend almost RM1,000 for the set for 2 different times. First one was before I got married and another time was after I had my first daughter.  Different time but both gave same result. Let see what's the result

Yea!! I lost weight for the first 3 weeks. Amazing, isn’t? My body felt lighter and of course I was extremely happy at that time. The protein shake worked as a meal replacement and I replaced it for my breakfast and dinner, as per the plan. During day time, I drank the hibiscus tea as a fluid for my body. The only time I consume solid food was during lunch hour. As per the dietician advice, I only permit myself to take fruits or healthy cracker IF ONLY I feel really hungry. That only allowed in between meals. The hibiscus tea was for detoxification process. I ended up visiting toilet for 2 types of business. Money withdrawal (‘air kecil’) or Investment (‘air besar’)

Two news with Herbalife here! Good news and bad news.

The good one was that it increased your metabolism. The bad was that you cannot help but feeling hungry ALL THE TIME! There were times that my mind kinds of blur when the hunger feeling hit me.

To drink or to eat? My mistake was to choose the later.

I would say this is one of the products that you can lose weight healthily. However, the first thing that you need to FIX before consuming this set is YOUR MIND. You see, the determination and discipline is a MUST to slim with Herbalife. You usually end up fighting with yourself. Dah macam perang 3 penjuru, ME against MRS FAT and against MYSELF! And I would say that you have to rely on this set of to keep your shape.

I stopped taking the protein shake and tea because I was broke at that time. I did not have much money to continue buying the shakes. For that reason, I tried to control my diet by taking less food compare to the time before Herbalife.

‘Uh uh uh...hampeh...’

I gained weight within 2 months and even worse, the weight was even more. I never studied why it happened like that. If anyone can tell me why, please comment! I would like to know because it happened TWICE. Remembered I told you I purchased the set twice. The second one ‘sebab dah ada duit balik’. And not continue because nasi kerabu pakcik lagi sedap.

All the hard work, starvation, cleansing process, toilet process and of course money and time went down the drain.

Lucky you who has lost weight via Herbalife.

You must have very strong will or maybe your job scope is a model or a singer or an actress/ actor or you are Nurul Wahab where you need to keep that kind of body for your income.

My Verdict:

- NOT WORKING for people like me.

- NOT WORKING for a mommy who lives in Malaysia where the food is HERE,THERE EVERWHERE.  

- NOT WORKING for those who doesn’t want to let go the taste of sweet, sour, ‘asam’ and etc

- Basically, NOT WORKING kalau dah nama org Malaysia dan banyak kenduri to attend,


Mommy is not Nurul Wahab Depp

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