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Thursday, 5 June 2014


It was all started when I went abroad to pursuit my tertiary education in Scotland. Their kind of weather is like if it is not snowing, it is raining and the summer is like blink of sun.  Surviving in a cold country like that has turned me into a ‘beruang kutub’. I felt hungry all the time and worst of all, the mind was constantly in hibernating mode. Due to lifestyle and age, my metabolism has decreased ever since. Everyone should have known once your metabolism has decreased, then you become good buddy with one thing we hate the most but we cling to it. The answer is FAT!!

I always wanted to share my journey of fighting my so-called good buddy- MRS FAT. And I am still fighting it especially after gave birth to you, kids. The first post-delivery fat has somehow stuck and now piling up after the second delivery. Motherhood is beautiful but it can be hideous whenever you catch your glimpse on the mirror,

Cellulite: Hello there, nice belly you have

Me: OH NOOOOOO. (cover and walk away)

This time posts are all about my journey to fight with my best buddy in the world- MRS FAT

Let me start how I tried fighting with the help from one of the slimming centre. It was not a ‘cokia’ one but I can say is well establish as par as London Weight Management, Terimee Slimming and Marie France Bodyline.

It started with a simple flyer that you can get free trials that worth RM600. I said ‘Why not’ and that lead to another marketing ploy. I can say no to credit card but I failed when the sales girl mentioned thing like this: 

“You have a lot of fat but don’t worry, we can make it go away. Our program consists of laser, wrapping, hot sauna, meal plan diet etc etc’’

I rarely pay attention as I knew all these thing until she said

“ You can see the result within 4 weeks”

 I mean like, isn’t it amazing? Within 4 weeks to shed off my fat here there everywhere.  ‘Why not’ lah (second time). From zero to RM2,500. It didn’t look that bad as they provide you monthly installment for 12 months and some more it was interest FREE! Happened to be my credit limit was out and they were good. I mean all the salesgirl there has been trained well to spellbind you. I knew I cannot commit but I tried so hard to find way to purchase the vouchers. Well, guilty and stupid, one woman down!

The processes were good and the staffs were nice as well. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, I was looking forward for my slimming program.

It started with a nice cup of tea and a drink formula that I was made believe can increase my low metabolism. For only RM2,500 you only received few bottles that cannot sustain until the end of the program. Thus you ended up paying some more for that drinks.

Then, I’ve been ushered to a nice cosy room where it has purplish lighting that actually played trick on you, I think as I barely see MRS.FAT in there. The girl will take your body measurement and weight you. It was a painful experience for my ego. After that, she rubs some kind of oil that made believe to fasten the process of breaking the fat. I was then been wrapped before being shove into an oven. It was a pleasure experience for the first 5 minutes and as the thing getting hotter, you feel like ‘ikan sambal sumbat yang sedang di stim’. I mean to think about it, it is the same way how we want to cook a steam fish. It is just we pay less than RM15 to get all the ingredients but here I paid thousands.

Lastly, your body will be measured again and this time after went through all the 45 minutes enduring the hot, I felt so excited to see a half inch drop compare to my earlier measurement. Then you went home, trying so hard to follow their diet plan. Then the processes continue. You will be lucky if you can drop an inch within 1 week.

As I really wanted to see my money worth it, an inch drop on my hip and tummy really excite me. Arghh come one! It was only an inch for 3 weeks. Now that I woke up from hypnotization mode, it is NOTHING, NADA.

Due to water retention, you can easily loose that inch by just eating healthily. Did I mention that part of the program was to follow their diet diligently? They counted your calorie intake from morning until supper. It was not new news and most of us know about it. But I paid RM2,500 for this so called secret formula.

My verdict!

Forget it if you don’t really have money. Try it if only you have money and you don’t know what to do during your evening time. If you have family, ‘balik jee lah rumah, masak untuk anak dan suami. Lagi banyak faedah’, you can even loose calorie while doing all this house chores.

Even if it works, you are going to spend more than the initial amount. They will lure you to pay for the cellulite creamlah, the double chin creamlah, etc. All these either true or bullshit will hike up the original price.

But if you really want to try, go for one time sign and never ever agree to any of the additional thing that they will promote later. If you can resist, I salute you but if you have a soft spot here and there. FORGET visiting any slimming centre.

What say you?

Wait for my next post on how I tried to fight Mrs.Fat with the product that so hot in the online market!

Mommy ‘missing’ her body oven

 I have no objection that all their program works for some people. Maybe I was not lucky or maybe I don't have much money to sustain the shape once I achieved the target via their program. Please be mindful that loosing weight like this can also mean your body can be dependant on this routine and meaning you need a lot of money to sustain.

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