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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


This entry is specially dedicate to those who chose to fight their best buddy - the right way. Clap clap clap!

I now have new nickname given by my officemate.Dr. K (King of Kurus) and thus Dr K must make sure what all the advices are right and accurate. My sincere target is to see that we, yes you and myself; achieve the shape we want together. Let's bring out our old jeans and make it as an inspiration.

Now that we have the slimming set, let see what the DOs with this 4 buddy buddy ( ESP, Alfalfa, Lecithin and Omega).

The DOs,

1) Say your prayer and be specific! Classic example
"I want to see you, yes you (pointing at your fat that probably Here, There, Everywhere) this month only. By the time Raya, please ya, tolong dan mohon dengan sangat, don't cling to my ass anymore"

2) Set a realistic target. I know as a woman we can conquer our nafsu. And yes we prove to ourself for the first 1 and half weeks of no rice at all and proud that we do ok. We see that  if we keep on doing like this, we can loose that 5 kilos within a month!

But trust me, we just feeding our ego. The moment we are tired of feeding , we say, ehm why notlah cheat for a day. Then once we taste the rice, we cant deny it taste sooo good that we feel like why not eat some more, after all I've been starving for a whole 2 weeks! For all we know, we set a pattern of cheat day that eventualy become days!

Thus, be realistic and achieve it slowly but surely. Example like "By this time Raya, I will be able to fit to one size smaller than today"

3) Drinks plenty of water. Plain water will be good but I surely understand that if you cannot do 3 litre of it daily, mix it with other kind of drinks. Juices, hot drinks etc , anything that make you happy.

Then slowly cultivate the habit of drinking plain water.

Plain water is necessary in order for the vitamins to work. And also it helps your body heat. As my experience, when the body start to absorb all these vitamins, the healing process can make you feel uneasy. 'Panas, restless etc'.

Alfalfa and Herb-lax- the detox tool require water to help with the process. And Lecithin and Omega need water to wash away the fat from the body.

Those are my kind of explanation to make you understand THAT YOU NEED TO DRINKS A LOT OF WATER !
Imagine, saluran longkang yang banyak sampah. The only way is either korek keluar (berak) atau hujan lebat (minum air).Comprende!

4) Imagine your target, your desire when you gulping down your ESP and all those tablets. Dont ask me why as I dont know how to explain here. But just do it and you will feel youraelf!

5) Follow the plan diligent and persistent -ly. If you cant remember, ask me or simply click this entry

Do not skip even though you are out from your area. If you are going on vacation, count the days and pack your set with you.

6) Do know the meaning behind No pain, No gain! I dont need to elaborate much. 'Korang semua pandai'

Mommy also DO the DOs

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