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Thursday, 29 May 2014



The last entry-the DOs has received quite a good review. And for that, here come the DONTs!

1) DON'T skip your meal!

Normally, you eat every meal without fail. Then one day you decided to skip dinner in order to fight with your best buddy-Mrs. Fat. This has given a wrong signal to your body as it distort the normal regime. It will take sometimes for your body to adapt to this new environment.

After weeks of undergo the same routine, your body are fine with this new change.

Then one fine day you said to yourself; why not take a break and let's enjoy rice for tonight!
'Yeelah kan, dah 2 minggu tak makan nasi, apa salahnya'

The moment you have your so call cheat day or days, your body send a different signal. Your body can maintain the same routine if its one time thing. However, if the activity happen several times then your body will find it hard to cope with this volatile way of life. Not only your body, buy your mind play a trick as well. Worse thing is you will become hungrier than before.

Thus, don't go to sleep feeling hungry. Don't skip your breakfast. Don't be hard on yourself during your lunch time. All this refrains is actually making you feel hungrier and crankier.

Be moderate. If you want to go extreme, simply replace your meal with the ESP shake. That is a way to speed up to achieve your goal.

2) DON'T adapt to Yo-Yo pattern (google if you don't know what is Yo-Yo.

Same reason as above. Train your body with the same routine so that your body can adjust and maintain.
'Tak boleh sekejap tak breakfast, sekajap hari tak makan tengahari, sekajap hari tak makan malam.'

That's why I strongly advice to establish your diet routine and then we can have conversation on how to consume the Set Kurus Shaklee

3) DON'T over calculate

An average man needs around 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight. For an average woman, that figure is around 2000 calories a day. If you have burst your calorie intake for that day. Try to set off by consuming less tomorrow. 

If you have more calorie to burn, go to the gym and do some walking. The house chores would also help to burn and so thus breastfeeding. Lucky to all mommies out there! Did you know that you burn from 300-500 calorie per day by simply breastfeeding or pumping. And fasting of course.

5) DON'T Compare!

Your body is yours and your result won't be the same as other. The set works it miracle differently. Some may experience 'cir it birit' and some might even feel more hungry than before. These are all the healing process. Thus, again, jangan banding bandingkan

Last but not least, DON'T stop reading my blog and check out my previous post here

Mommy feeling excited

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