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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Feeling Grateful on 3rd May 2014

Alhamdulillah, mommy and her partner in crime managed to pull a well housewarming party last Saturday, 3rd of May 2014. It was our first kenduri at our new home and Alhamdulillah it went beyond our expectation.
Oh ya! I forgot to mention that we did aqiqah for our little boy who is not so little anymore.
As mentioned, I love organizing event especially event for myself. Sound corny but true!
The food, the people and the stories were the best combination on that Saturday.
For this, I would like to list down the thankful credit to the below:
  • My Abah for his superb lamb curry. He did it with the help from his son and daughter.
  • The thank you note also goes to my makteh and mama who helped to take care of the kids while we were attending to other errands. And of course for the outstanding mee rebus.
  • My appreciation also went to those who came and brought the dessert. I was surprised to see the dessert table filled up just after 30 minutes.
‘QZ, the cake and the brownies were damn yummy. True what people say and I’m glad I went through all the troubles to get your cakes. I also attracted to the cake’s name; the Sumpah Sedap cake. I mean it is so true that you don’t need fancy title to name it after.
And of course my love goes to all that came and share our moments. I love you Here There Everywhere.
I am bless with all the love showed during the event and I am glad that my kids is growing up in this surroundings.  
Mommy shed grateful tears.


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