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Thursday, 29 May 2014



The last entry-the DOs has received quite a good review. And for that, here come the DONTs!

1) DON'T skip your meal!

Normally, you eat every meal without fail. Then one day you decided to skip dinner in order to fight with your best buddy-Mrs. Fat. This has given a wrong signal to your body as it distort the normal regime. It will take sometimes for your body to adapt to this new environment.

After weeks of undergo the same routine, your body are fine with this new change.

Then one fine day you said to yourself; why not take a break and let's enjoy rice for tonight!
'Yeelah kan, dah 2 minggu tak makan nasi, apa salahnya'

The moment you have your so call cheat day or days, your body send a different signal. Your body can maintain the same routine if its one time thing. However, if the activity happen several times then your body will find it hard to cope with this volatile way of life. Not only your body, buy your mind play a trick as well. Worse thing is you will become hungrier than before.

Thus, don't go to sleep feeling hungry. Don't skip your breakfast. Don't be hard on yourself during your lunch time. All this refrains is actually making you feel hungrier and crankier.

Be moderate. If you want to go extreme, simply replace your meal with the ESP shake. That is a way to speed up to achieve your goal.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


This entry is specially dedicate to those who chose to fight their best buddy - the right way. Clap clap clap!

I now have new nickname given by my officemate.Dr. K (King of Kurus) and thus Dr K must make sure what all the advices are right and accurate. My sincere target is to see that we, yes you and myself; achieve the shape we want together. Let's bring out our old jeans and make it as an inspiration.

Now that we have the slimming set, let see what the DOs with this 4 buddy buddy ( ESP, Alfalfa, Lecithin and Omega).

The DOs,

1) Say your prayer and be specific! Classic example
"I want to see you, yes you (pointing at your fat that probably Here, There, Everywhere) this month only. By the time Raya, please ya, tolong dan mohon dengan sangat, don't cling to my ass anymore"

Monday, 26 May 2014

Thomas Cup, 2014- LOST- Again. When can we WIN again?

Yesterday evening was a depressing moment for Malaysia. On 25th of May 2014, we bring back the Thomas Cup. And this time we fell short against Japan, which in my opinion is an underdog team. I mean, I never knew, Japan rhyme with badminton for the past 20 years! It was a tragedy.

In my opinion, it wasn’t totally due to our handicap but also because of Japan has raised their performance and I believe there is something about the team. Hats off to the coach, Park Ju-Bong (betul ke spelling ni?), the strategy used and the practices and tricks etc but it works for their team. My posting is more on what I learned, observed and want to share with others especially my kids.

 Dear Kids,

Our former PM, Tun Mahathir has been talking about 'Dasar pandang ke Timur' during his serving years and he was referring to Japan. I remembered my Arwah Abah went there and he bought a set of pinggan mangkuk I’m using it now. I plan to pass to my daughter as one of the wedding gift. Well, that’s the selingan because lately, I miss my Abah. Al-Fatihah.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


My dear kids,

Well this article is partly because of you but not necessary for you. It is because of you that I started to consume good products and I am happy to say that I found what is the best for me and thus, for you.

Anyway, this time post is intentionally written to all my friends who is battling to get back to their desire shape. Particularly for those who just gave birth and somehow notice there are post delivery fat that sticks on the tummy, hip and buttock.

And kids, I was one of them.

It started when I really hate to look at myself and that was a real setback. I know about if you are content and happy, you don’t need any approval but I was not approved with my own self.  I shared my stories on several of my entries - FIGHTING WITH YOUR BEST BUDDY series previously.

Bob and Nadia (husband and wife) were the couple who introduced me to this superb product. They didn’t come to me but vice versa. It was a walking testimony from Bob. Bob is big size guy and to see him without his usual tummy is quite a story. Like so, I paid for the set and ready to embark in anew journey finding a new me.

 Set Kurus Shaklee

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Old Girl Association (OGA) Day

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah,
Kolej Ulung di Negara Malaysia,
Kami rakyat bersumpah
Akan teguh patuh memeliharanya

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah,
Kolej mulia berjasa
Moga moga tuhan memberi rahmatNya
Sentosa Kolej Tunku Kurshiah

Dear kids,

That is my college song and today I heard it twice. Also today was my first time attending this OGA Day. I have to admit, the drive to agree to this idea is you, daughter.

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