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Monday, 16 June 2014


Assalamualaikum and Hello to my kids,

Why I created this blog at only this time around. I have been introduced to blog world like 4 years ago but only today I feel really want to do it. BIG WHY.

This blog was created for my kids. At this moment, I have 2 kids, a pair. One daughter age 3 years and counting and one son will turn 1 soon and of course counting.

Kids, your mommy here is not an ordinary girl ever since she was born. I was a hyperactive baby and hardly take no for the answer. Well, daughter, you have this in you and I'm sorry for scolding you all this while. I should blame myself. KARMA. The early ages was very challenging to your nek baik. You don't have a chance to meet your wan (which is my Abah). I am pretty sure he make a good Wan if he is still with us. Well, we changed more than 7 nannies while I was in primary school. every 'kak', 'auntie' sure remembered me. I have the craziest pranks and tricks on people. I'll share those stories later.

I got accepted in the most prestige elite boarding school. Alhamdulillah, your nek baik and Arwah Wan were proud parents. I believe the 'kampung' area also proud. How about me? Well more chance to leave the house. You must be wondering why I said that. I'll get back to that later. More adventures fill in my life ever since then.

I want to mark down on every adventure of my life for you to read. I want you to imagine the experience I've been through and basically know who is your mommy. Her past, her present and her imagine future. Well, now I sounded like I have a cancer and going to leave the world soon. BIG NO, Alhamdulillah, I am in the best of health and I'm praying to keep it this way until I see you with your kids and grandkids.

To my kids, I dedicate this blog to you. My here, there and everywhere all complete because of you. And I made a promise with myself to keep writing everyday.

p/s: my style of writing shall be improve over time. I'm growing with this blog.

cheeky face from left is Mommy and the saddest face on the right is your Mek Sha.


norzakiya norzain said...

tetiba angah rasa sebak..

CuTeNyer@Ku!!!~~ said...

hahaha nakal giler masa skolah rendah..penaya cikgu...muahhahaa

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