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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rejab dan ESP

Malam ni malam pertama Rejab. What so great about it? Sebagaimana kebaikan dan keistimewaan bulan bulan Allah yg lain, Rejab antara yg special. Why so special. You can google it to find out. The matter most what so special to me?

I am not a good Muslimah but I am trying everyday. May Allah SWT forgive my wrongdoings and guide me to become one of the entree in His Jannah. I also need to bring my dear kids and my love one as well.

Thus, in this month of Rejab, I'm praying for a strong heart, a strong Iman and a strong faith. People are talking about puasa sunat di bulan Rejab. The way I see it, puasa for myself as one of way to have the three thing that I mentioned above.

I'm not worry with the physical courage. I have good food to consume and my Shaklee ESP to boost my energy. I am more concern on the lack of food for my soul. Do Shaklee has its own recipe for that? Perhaps special kind of ESP? If only the Iman is that easy to have.

What shall one do during this month? You can do nothing. No one will bother you. Well I can live with that. But then, I asked myself, can I live knowing He doesn't bother about you?

Renung renung dan selamat beramal

Mommy bersama fikiran yg bertaubat
Malam Pertama Rejab

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