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Friday, 4 July 2014

Office Management 101

I bumped into my boss at the lift area and it was 2.15pm. 15 minutes late than our normal lunch hour.


Office Management 101,
- you know you broke the rule and the authorised person also know you broke the rule. Don't play dumb ass by ignoring it. Head high and walk confidently, face the circumstances. As he is the Boss and therefore act like he is the Boss.

What did I do? I nodded and simply say "Hi Boss". He smiled and responded. Walah...pray that he didn't recall that I was late from my lunch. Finger crossed, Insya Allah.

Just behind the office door, I heard the hysterically laughter from my colleague. Clearly they were having a good time. "Bila singa tiada, tikus menari-nari".

Office Management 101
- work is never ending story. Know when to have fun at the right time. One way to love your office life.

It seems one of the girl been mentally tortured due to the fact that she didn't invite the other 2 friends for lunch. Few jokes cracked the environment.

At my office, there is one gullible boy (so it seems) that we called him Sham Boy. He's not a joker but whatever things he says crack the whole audience. He's from Negeri Sembilan and thus it explained. Same like your Baba but knowing him more than 10 years, he needs to enhance his style to crack me. Well, that will be another story, check it out!

Well this Sham Boy has a sparing partner name Ili and together they are like adorable mouse and cat. Love hate relationship. I wish they will not end up marrying each other or else their kids will suffer.

Office Management 101
- love the people at your work place as sometimes (or most of the times for ppl like me who has been working more than 6 years) this also a factor for you to go to work and why you still see your daily typical job interesting. If you cannot find it anymore, it's time to update your CV.

Mommy when she puts her 'officewise' hat
p/s: and updating the blog when your eyes is half open after a big fat lunch. Thanks to uncle Asri for the molten chocolate cake at Chillies.

that' the sham Boy and behind him all the 'senget' ladies that light up my office life. We miss you Ummi and Jepp!

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