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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Breastfeeding..if only you know

Recently I posted about my milk production while fasting in my facebook. I received quite a queries regarding what I did to have 25oz easily during the working hour. And I was fasting.

My dearest kids,

I am a carrier woman and thus when I decide to breastfeed you kids, it is not a simple decision that come along with pregnancy and giving birth. My journey as a mommy and a breastfeeding mother started with you. The thing in me, when I decided to do things, I want to give the best especially when it involves you kids. This is not a testing ground but a real thing. I was learning while feeding the eldest and I am well prepared for the next. My target is to supply this human milk for at least 2 years. Lucky you kiddo.

I claimed breastfeed is the most natural way like farting. You find it hard to fart during your early dating time with your partner until you spend the rest of your life with him/her. That’s how easy breastfeed become upon practices. Then why the normal whining like "Ehmm...dah tak ada susu, nak buat macam mana , bukan rezeki"

This might not be relevant article for you, kids but at least you learned how mommy does it successfully.

I shared with you my brutal honest tips Bukan main main tapi betul betul. These are all from my very own experience. I admitted, anger, frustration, tired and almost gave up were all part and parcel of the journey. I once feel to throw you kids in the washing machine. I even put the ear plug while you were crying your lung out loud.

Thus, my very own version of  breastfeeding are:

1)      TIMING-

Since I am working mother, my schedule when I was away from you is morning, lunch and evening. Sometimes, I cheat the lunch period. Whatever it is, the key is to ESTABLISH THE RIGHT SCHEDULE that suits your lifestyle and KEEP IT THAT ROUTINE. The SECRET is maintain it that way regardless if you're on the move or fasting or simply lazy.

Give it about 10-20 minutes for one session. Please don’t go longer than that. Not only it is inefficient given that you are utilizing your office time but also will someday become an excuse that you can't afford that much time for pumping.

       2)   MODERATION-

This is the key and this is the SECRET. Be it exercise or food intake, do it moderately. This tip apply to all and believe me kids, you need to learn this sometimes in your life. Better start early.

Books said consume at least 3litres of water but be realistic. We are living in Malaysia and this country is about food and beverages. my experience, water doesn’t mean a plain water. It can be variety of drinks depending of what makes you happy. I confessed that I drink  Iced Caramel Machiato from Starbuck every week. I'm not advising you girls to follow my steps but that drinks is my happy drugs.

Food, take any food that your friend, your mother in law, your jiran sebelah rumah, your kawan office tell you to take to increase milk but again do it moderately. You don't have to boil a pot of fenugreek (halba) and drinks it like no one business. And expect your milk production to increase after 2 hours. Believe me, I did that. The result was no improvement as I don't enjoy the taste and toilet became my best buddy the entire evening. The oat works best for me.

            3) BE HAPPY

You know why and you know where to find. This has proven not only for the milk production but also for healthy lifestyle. I don't have to do long babble about this tip as I know everyone has their happy place and spot. If you forget how to be happy, just listen to Pharrell Williams Happy song.( my current favourite)

And if you want to have big laugh, please listen to my top most favourite for Panggilan Hangit


            4) BE KNOWLEGABLE

I really egg on for you to READ a lot. Basically in whatever you do, the books are always the best example. Invest in good one.

For instance, did you know that your milk production factory works during night time and that's why newborn sleep pattern is the other way around?

If you know this, you won't going ballistic for every hours spend nursing your new-born in the middle of the night. If you patient and answer to your new-born need during the confinement time, your milk factory already establish by the time you finish your 44 days of confinement.

If only you know, you will have more than 20oz daily easy like ABC. If only you know........

Mommy sharing what she does best


my 'tikus putih 2', bahan experiment (bf baby for 8 months old and counting)- as good as his name

my 'tikus putih 1', bahan experiment (bf baby until 1 year)- so far she is turning quite ok and challenging.

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