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Friday, 4 July 2014

Breastfeeding..if only you know Part 2

As I was upgrading my blog in order to make it livelier, I learned new thing. This maintaining work is super duper ‘LECEH’ and tiring. It took a LOT of my time. Given the same amount of time, I can write 2 articles. What a waste!

Then I realize it is the same thing happening in our life.

Tadaa...mommy puts her wise hat on and say

“My dearest kids, one good lesson and please nail it in your head. Achieving target be it religion matter, education or business often within reach. Like how I created the blog. Still, the real challenge is how you want to MAINTAIN or SUSTAIN the success”

Since I’m trying not to set a bad example for you, kids, I did improve my blog today and it already has colours and new font. And I learned that you can temp the coding by copy paste the free code given in website. You can also hire free tutor from the best in the world. YOU TUBE!

As an act of maintaining, please allow mommy to continue writing about her success in producing the best milk in the world. Human Milk and you are lucky you have the very best of Human Milk which is my milk. Tak percaya? Enfalac and Anmum endorsed it “SUSU IBU ADALAH TERBAIK”

Last article I share tips on how to have good production. TIMING, MODERATION, BE HAPPY AND BE KNOWLEGABLE

Now we are facing the other common problem among us mommy. How to MAINTAIN even after 6 months?

Most frequent response from working mommy:

“My milk kering bila masuk office”

“After few months, I pun dah taknak pump sebab sikit sangat”

‘Ok cuaca mungkin panas kat luar tapi itu bukan alasan susu kering. Org Sweden tu susu tak beku pun sebab sana cuaca sejuk?’

During my confinement time, I set a line of investigation to

1) To lose weight and get back to my original or better shape

 2) To sustain my milk production.

As per title, I shall continue on number 2 topic.

Only 2 tips

1)      GOOD DIET

Have you seen the above picture?


Ever try to follow?

YES...errr...SOMETIMES....err...SOMETIMES NOT...errr...RARELY

I guess it’s time to start embracing the healthy eating behaviour.

One may ask what is good for baby. Can I eat that? Is it going to harm my baby?

My Rule is easy. Please repeat after me in Italian version:

“Ifrr You Likeeei, the baaaby will laiikieee. Where do you think the baabbyy come frrroommm? Frrooom youurr tummy. Putttaaa Maria...”

2)      INVEST IN MILK BOASTER PRODUCT LINE (If you can afford)

All other method fail, the trick is to consume the product that claimed to be milk booster. I was sceptical about this especially when I compare how our grandmother/ mother / orang dulu dulu do it without any supplement.

But whom I kidding, the environment, people behaviour and diet has changed over the years. Thus, maybe the old method does not really working.

Come to the worst scenario, don’t feel guilty to take my advice on above.

There a bundle of products out there in the market. For me, there must be positive reason for the product to stay long in the market. Coz it works. However, you need to find which one that suits you. Though we mothers, but we vary in term of lifestyle, stress and diet. Thus, what works for me might be no different for you.

My Rule is ASK, READ and TRY.
Mommy sharing what her do best

Above 2 pictures was my milk production during office hour while fasting for the past 1 and half week. How? Wait for Part 3 article.

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