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Friday, 4 July 2014

Bad Habit

I forgot to update the blog as what I promised myself. Well I see I succumb to the routine that will bring this blog nowhere. My usual bad habits are Excuses and Procrastinating! Mommy got this bad trait and I wish you kids will not take on me on these.

It happened to most of my ambitious side thing. Like an online business to unit trust agent to multi level marketing to product line. Basically, if things are not that desperate, I will stall it. Then the stalling time get worse and end up I quit. I always realise this problem but I never have a way to get out of it.
The simplest thing and the killing confession is the 5 times prayer. I cannot commit to it. YES I SAY IT!! There are times that I fulfill my Muslim duty but there are also times I ignore it as if I'm not a Muslim. I never forget to include in my dua that I have the urgency to pray for the next prayer time.
This morning during my 'sahur' time- (I am on a mission of fasting 25 days; will share the story later) as I'm watching Eat, Pray, Love, this particular joke really impact my soul.
"There is one man who goes to church every day and praying to god to give him a chance to win the lottery. One day, the god came down and visit the man and He said "Child, please buy the ticket"
I didn't get the joke until some part of the movie where I realize, you can pray and hope but it doesn't move anywhere. What you need to do is simply DO IT. Regardless you sincere, too stupid or too lazy, but just DO IT. The success or failure will come as the consequences of your act. The key is ACT/ DO and it means NOW!!
Perhaps that’s why we feel that some of our ‘dua’ is not been answered. The answer is YOU
My famous excuses usually is 
"well I'm not that desperate of wanting that thing or need to be rich or need to be famous."
" I'm ok and 'syukur' with what I have. That's enough right?"
"Of course lah he can do, his bapak is somebody right?"
My dear kids, ENOUGH is for mediocre people but if you want to be EXTRAORDIANRY, you must do EXTRA thing.
Good luck finding your extra and once you do, DO IT and I mean NOW
Mommy with so much high spirit
p/s: will update my blog everyday without fail!

this picture of you son remind me how baby so determine to master one motor skill to another. I used to watch you 'ngesot' here and there. Makin lama makin laju sampai tak terkejar mommy. 

dear daughter, let this picture remind you that you never give up though the skill of blowing the bubbles can be challenging for a kid like you. later in life, there will be many challenging thing but never give up. Did I tell you that you now know how to blow your bubbles. You don't need mommy to do it for you anymore.

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